IELTS Speaking Practice Live Lessons – TELÉFONOS MÓVILES Tema

👉 ¡Aprende a prepararte para el IELTS Speaking, sin estrés! ***** Hola, soy Keith de Keith Speaking Academy y también administro el canal de Youtube English Speaking Success. Hoy hablaremos sobre el tema IELTS Speaking en teléfonos móviles. Veremos para qué los usa, aplicaciones móviles o aplicaciones como las llamamos, hablaremos sobre enviar mensajes de texto y básicamente mucho lenguaje, vocabulario y tal vez algo de gramática, además de algunas respuestas de plantilla al final de la clase. ***** Temas tratados hoy: 0:00:00 Introducción 0:04:47 Mi móvil 0:07:15 Vocabulario esencial 0:13:54 ¿Para qué usas tu teléfono? 0:28:35 Aplicaciones móviles 0:33:30 Lugares donde no puedes usar un teléfono móvil 0:41:55 Lenguaje vago 0:44:46 ¿Cuáles son los beneficios de los SMS? 0:53:40 Modismos 1:03:27 Plantilla de respuestas 1:09:41 Repaso de vocabulario (Kahoot) ***** Practica IELTS HABLANDO GRATIS en línea con mis LECCIONES EN VIVO transmitidas todos los jueves a las 9 a.m. (hora del Reino Unido) 10 a.m. (España) 11 a.m. (Rusia/KSA) 13:00 (Pakistán) 13:30 (India) 14:00 (Bangladesh) 15:00 (Vietnam/Tailandia) 16:00 (Beijing, Taipéi, Hong Kong) ***** Realice un simulacro completo del examen IELTS. Use el CÓDIGO: keith10 para obtener un 10 % de descuento en PDF GRATIS Notas de la lección Libro electrónico GRATIS: EVITE LOS 10 ERRORES MÁS COMUNES DE IELTS AL HABLAR: ***** Sígueme en las redes sociales Grupo de Facebook: Instagram: Sitio web: #ielts Speaking2020 # ieltpeakingtips # ielts Speaking ***** Done y apoye mi trabajo: ***** Para aquellos de ustedes que hablarán sobre la prueba pronto, ¡disfrútenla y buena suerte! keith

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  1. Perfect explanation… But I request you to model answer you giving type on screen to see us….,We can get proper note after that and would be helpful lot ,Thanks

  2. Subscribed today.

  3. Super …Keith is the best English teacher

  4. Your phone is not old fashioned
    My father have same phone cover

  5. My favourite app is YouTube which is like an online encyclopaedia. I can always find answers and solutions I need as a visual learner.

  6. I normally use my mobile phone for accessing the emails, sending messages with my families and friends on WeChat, taking selfies, looking up new words I come across as well as reading.

  7. Nowadays, it's beyond once imagination how we're really connected to our mobile more than our spouse. Basically, we're using our cell phone (mobile) for everything, it's a muti-purpose. Usually, we access & control our home surveillance camera, open garage door, etc remotely. The extreme use of cell phone is the most dangerous addiction of our time. We only disconnected from it when we go to bed. I sometmes wonder what will happen if we evet got out of electricity for a day or two. Based on my observation, I would assume one day for any reason if we're disconnected from our mobile, it'll be chaos.

  8. I'm the 100th comment 😎

  9. Great! Also, these awesome IELTS speaking videos on YouTube are perfect for self-study. An IELTS examiner does a mock test (band 9) with an IELTS expert + tips + vocab + definitions of the words.

  10. I am about to score 8 in speaking part of the exam wish me luck

  11. I have an exam on 9th January , wish me luck.

  12. Thank a lot my dear teacher. I used this language in my class, it was very helpful and woked

  13. Many thanks
    Best man 🌹🌹

  14. Edutainment is a new word for me… 😁

  15. I pretty love the part of vague language in your video, Keith. It helps my pronunciation sounds like a native speaker's. Some more videos for this part will go a long way towards our speaking. Big thanks and look forwards to seeing them soon on your YouTube channel.

  16. 1:08 bruh m so bad at lying😐

  17. My fav app – discord

    Please please Sir we just want like this. With advance vocabulary and different topics. Thanks


    Please help this ill child , at least watch once , and decide to send money , i don't mean send a huge amount of money , 5 or 10 or more if you want this boy to get rid of sufferings😢

  20. Hi, I'm Abdullah. And I am want to learn English and especially speaking may help me pls.

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