Hoja de ruta de desarrollo de Android | ¿Cómo aprender a desarrollar Android? ❤️Consejos avanzados para desarrolladores de Android 😎🔥

Instagram: Discord: Telegram: Slack: Twitter: Facebook: Mi sitio web: ================================== =========== Veamos cómo aprender el desarrollo de Android. En este video, le daré la hoja de ruta para el desarrollo de Android de principio a fin. Con el tiempo, podrá crear aplicaciones de Android y postularse para el puesto de desarrollador de Android en cualquier empresa. Al final del video, también compartí algunos consejos para aprender el desarrollo avanzado de Android, lo que le dará una ventaja sobre otros candidatos. Espero que este video te ayude a aprender sobre el desarrollo de Android. Avíseme si tiene alguna pregunta en la sección de comentarios a continuación. =============================== Mi equipo de grabación: Micrófono: Disco duro externo: Macbook Pro :.

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  1. Hope this video gives you a clear roadmap for Android Development.
    If you still have any doubts, you can connect with me on 
    Instagram: https://instagram.com/desicoder_/
    Telegram: https://t.me/desicoderfam
    Or you can also comment here 🙂

  2. Ek startup idea Aya haii Lekin beckend Ko kesey manage Karey ,,,,, online app Bana na haii

  3. The most important advice is I think to implement your project.

  4. backend ka kya ? aur ds algo vo imp nahi h !

  5. code with harry has stopped making videos and his course is incomplete

  6. Welldone Bhaiya👍….

  7. Thanxx. I did mistake by getting stuck with some complex project while learning basics from udacity course. Now I know I have to gradually improve and learn with simple projects.

  8. Thank you sir ,please give a advise without knowing any programming language can we do kotlin as a beginner or is there any crisis will have to face during job or interviewing

  9. Bhai doubt clear nahi huaa

  10. Bhaiya Google se Android development kaise sikhe mtlb series of course it contain 6 courses but which course first I am confused

  11. Android Developers are Highly in Demand:

    The demand for Android Developer is high but companies require individuals to have the correct skill sets. Additionally, the better the experience, the higher is the salary. The median salary, according to Payscale, is approximately Rs 4,00,000 per year, inclusive of bonuses and profit-sharing.

    So, you want to become a Android Developer.

    Don't worry we are here.

    To learn anything you required a complete path/roadmap for that.

    Visit:- https://www.techroadmap.in/developer/android-developer/skills-required-roadmap/

    Content is in the form of Youtube Videos/Playlists.

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  12. Is there any another way apart from Android studio? If we want to create a simple application such as music player

  13. bahot potential h bhai aapme,subscriber dekh ke yakeen n hua socha tha 1M to hoga hi,keep continue…

  14. Bhaiya kya android app developer ki job ke liye college degree like btech jaruree hai

  15. Future and salary scope ?

  16. Thanks for this video recommendation on anuj bhaiya's video

    It helped me a lot in making a way out to start it thanks 🙂

  17. Bhaiya mait mae har sall kitni company aati hae and msit ka bhi.kya ECE lena sahi hoga mait aur msit mae kitnae percent ece student placed ho Jate hae.bhaiya branch upgrade karwana muskill hae kya mait aur msit mae

  18. Actually I have more interest on web development but I sometimes try to figure out what how to learn Android development using kotlin.

    If you want , I would recommend some youtube channels by (philipp lackner) and (simplified coding) and (smartherd). They created many videos over kotlin based Android development.

    Keep up Desi coder ,😄👍

  19. Sir how many company to give the package of above 6lpa in msit and in msit how many company visits for placement and in internship how many company comes in the collage.

  20. Great bhaia🔥

  21. Msit …..ECE 2 – shift kaisi hai….?

  22. Bhaiya msit mae kon kon si badi company aati hae please bhaiya help me mujhae lagta hae msit ke placement mait sae jada acchi hae Kyu ke usmae deshaw Google adobe bhi dekha rakhi hae site par bhaiya aap clear kar do ke msit mae kon kon se badi company aati hae

  23. Thank you for this video👌👌
    I want to start but didn't know where to start this video is very helpful

  24. Need a flutter roadmap too🙏♥️

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