Guerra en Ucrania: cinco momentos clave del día 19

El presidente de Ucrania ha prometido reconstruir todo en el país y una mujer embarazada y un niño mueren tras un ataque a un hospital de maternidad en Mariupol. SUSCRÍBETE a nuestro canal de YouTube para más videos: Síguenos en Twitter: Síguenos en Facebook: Síguenos en Instagram: Síguenos en TikTok: Para más contenido, ve y descarga nuestras aplicaciones: Apple: Android Sky News Los videos ahora están disponibles en español aquí / Los videos de Sky News están disponibles en inglés aquí Los videos de Sky News también están disponibles en alemán aquí / Hier können Sie außerdem Sky News-Videos auf Deutsch finden: Para obtener información sobre la licencia del contenido de Sky News, puede encontrar más información aquí:

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20 comentarios

  1. Putin is guilty of WAR CRIMES.He must be arrested & punished.

  2. Russia can’t be allowed to continue this. Yes there is a risk in standing up to Russia, but the entire world needs to come down on Putin until he is gone from office . If not, does this mean we have to stand aside and nations with nuclear weapons do whatever they want as long as they hold that threat over our heads? It is worth the risk to get rid of Putin now.

  3. Putin will have a very bad ending

  4. President Biden had abandoned many people before. I hope that he is not doing the same to Ukrainians.


  6. Putin should end this war crime this is too far

  7. Top five to key five… Appreciated!

  8. This F*** Zelenskey is killing Ukraine, for his greed and stubbornness. Is this the trade off between Joining the NATO and not joining the NATO and save Ukraine. Putin Just want not to be the part of NATO-instead he is growing Nuclear reactor with the help of USA and then USA will sit on Ukraine and Kill Russian. Zelenskey is the sole cause of killing these innocent Ukrainian-just in the name of nation. No more Ukraine there -no force is fighting with them.

  9. Horrifying the pregnant woman dying. I would cry for her and her baby which is more than Biden or Johnson would do.
    But I don't believe it. So many things the Ukrainians have said turn out to be lies. They're just trying to elicit an emotional response from us.

  10. Nasisi raan na Ng.ulo si Putin dinadamay na Manga Tao

  11. The war can quickly be ended by targeting the Russians Military moral
    – – – the west should offer the Russian soldiers immunity, US and EU part to citizenship if they surrender to Ukraine …..
    – Scientist K.E Anaekwe

  12. The West has been destroying and bombing Syria for 5 years, Yemen for 7 years, Somalia for 15 years, Iraq for 16 years, Pakistan for 18 years, and Afghanistan for 21 years. But "nobody cares", because the media has conditioned the people in such a way that these events in these parts of the world seem to be insignificant.

  13. It’s about time the UN got off its arse and does something ! 🇺🇦 🇬🇧

  14. No way back now for war criminal Putin and Russia.

  15. Terrible things are happening to civilians this example is even worst

  16. Stop with the music, it’s sad enough

  17. For what? Why? Because we let evil persist and torture. We espouse the ideals of democracy but then do nothing to protect those who want to live by our ideals when they are hurt and killed and their lives are taken away for absolutely no reason. But, that's OK. I can just sip my starbucks and watch my HBO.

  18. close the sky over Ukraine

  19. God Bless Ukraina….

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