Gran evento final Fase I ALC 4.0

Esta es una transmisión en vivo de la reunión de Nairobi donde tendremos una nota clave del gerente técnico de la comunidad de Andela Kenia en el camino de ALC a Andela más una sesión de panel con un par de compañeros de Andela.

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  1. Thumbs Up for everyone @Andela n @google…Israel – Nigeria

  2. Thanks a lot google we are happy about your support.

  3. Thanks for the info session…this is good stuff… answered my questions

  4. Thank you for the insight guys …..the journey for knowledge is infinite

  5. wow thanks so much andela, google, and pluralsight i can discover my potential through alc

  6. am a participant to this program thank you for this yu are helping us especially Zimbabwe we need more knowledge about computers

  7. chinyere okechukwu from Nigeria – web track

  8. thank you Andela and google —- chinyere okechukwu

  9. Thank you so much Andela and Google. I really enjoyed streaming this event from South Africa.

  10. Great love from Ethiopia. A great fan of what you guys are doing!!!

  11. I will always be grateful to Andela and Google for this great opportunity given to Africa especially Nigeria.I am a participant!

  12. The stories are great, humble beginnings, inspiring. God bless you all

  13. Hi guys, I'm so excited about being part of this program.

  14. Thank you Google and Andela

  15. I attended this ALC 4.0 Phase 1 Grand Finale Event,it was very Educative, Informative and Entertaining too.

  16. Thank you guys! Its a very nice event, experience sharing and motivational!

  17. Very informative session

  18. Thank you so much everyone for your good participation. Gratitude to everyone working with Andela. Shutouts to Chris and mercy. Today was such an interesting day, It was fun

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