Google quiere poner fin a la prohibición de Huawei

Mientras continúa la prohibición de Huawei, Google ha intervenido para defender la marca china y es la capacidad de usar el sistema operativo Android en efecto.
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40 comentarios

  1. Robots are the future of tech. We will all have robots in our house cleaning and moving things.

  2. China bans a hundred companies from its market. The US bans a potential threat and China acts like a spoiled child. Talk about hypocrisy.

    Chinese lie through their skin, nevernind their teeth. Don't ever trust them. You will sell your personal life and IP to these dirty thieves for a fucking toy phone!

  3. We need more os , not only google

  4. Clever Google. I wonder if Google products will be allowed in China anytime soon?

  5. Who thinks this is unboxing therpary
    (Sorry if I spelled it wrong..)

  6. Holding hands with the Communist Chinese, Google is an enemy of freedom. They have helped the Communist track down and jail dissidents.
    The independent security firm, Finite State, did an exhaustive study of the firmware images of thousands of Huawei products. Just as recently as June 2019, its bug hunters concluded that 55 percent of Huawei products, had at least one potential backdoor, which is to say a serious or critical CVE-assigned (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposed) flaw that an attacker may be able to exploit. The Communist Chinese can spout of all they want, but the facts don’t lie!

  7. Well, snowden, and assage!

  8. I remember when Unbox Therapy actually UNBOXED THINGS

  9. i would like to see huawei's OS. there's only ios and android, it's so boring, we need more variety

  10. No Gmail,no Google play services,no drive…
    Owning 800m devices .
    Surely A Bigloss for Google.

  11. Huawei Will Be Allowed 2 Do Business With U.S Companies Again..

  12. Google won't be able to track those "knockoffs" so sad for Google ?

  13. Uguy don't understand why us ban huweii there's must be a reason why that's can be harmful to United States think u stupid people it's your own country
    Plus there's no reason for us ban huwei for no reason

  14. Willey du ??? what a name!

  15. Wait…so people are suspicious of Huawei because it’s a Chinese company and the Chinese government could control the company, while Trump can just issue a legislation and command Apple and Google to do things??? I’m confused, who’s really the big brother here?

  16. I love your humor lew 12:00

  17. No the new OS will be better, the US is toast, Just as Linux is eating on the Windows pie, Huawei will eat the Google pie. Huawie is the leaders on 5G and the US don't like this, that's why there is a ban. But braking the monopoly will be a good thing.

  18. The US banned China from using Android, which may also be an opportunity for China.

  19. and i start to think about to try hongmeng os.,

  20. This guy is a goddam rambling idiot.

  21. Why is Lew being a dick at 24:20? It seems like he is mocking the guy who got arrested.

    Also, you imply that police should be able to search through phones, but would you allow that to your own phone, if they asked you? I think not.

    p.s love your videos and this podcast btw.

  22. Can't wait for Huawei's own OS.

  23. Google :its going very difficult to spy on the new OS of huawei sinse its not created by us . What are we going to do about it Mr pressinted ????
    Trump :I don't know am just an orange guy . Let me ask what Russians have to say about Huawei . Or maybe there is a nice idea on Kim's new nice letter just send me !!!!

  24. They should know that the world doesn’t depend on US.

    Keep up Huawei ???

  25. China was the first one to ban American companies like Google for 'national security', Huawei just has to deal with karma.

  26. I’m no legal expert, but I wonder if Google can create a Europe based sister company that uses Google’s main companies infrastructure?

  27. Google's Pixel phone is the wrost phone ever! Low quality hardware, overpriced, and possible full of BACKDOORS! My pixel phone is so slow when I am in the US. But when I traveled to China, the phone could not connect to Google server and the phone became faster magically!!! WTF! Something fishy!

  28. Huawei release your OS.. the ultimate OS hehe peace guys

  29. That Speaker.. ??

  30. Seems like not unlocking your phone should fall under the 5th amendment of remaining silent and not incriminating oneself…

  31. It's been like this for years. China version phones has all mirrors vs. western side:
    Wechat = Google pay + Amazon + facebook +whatsapp+mail services
    Baidu = Google search service + Google+ +mail services + map services
    Youku = Youtube + netflix
    Alipay = Google pay + Amazon + itunes

    The problem is not about Chinese techs denying western access, actually it is Chinese tech that being denied by US.
    It's about whether western people is willing to use those Chinese made apps to interact with Chinese people.
    And speak of Chinese people, it means market and money.

  32. I'm planning to buy new phone. But i decided to wait for the new OS. ?? I'm excited to use ark OS. ❤️

  33. What r u talking about, Google is the BIGGEST SPY of them all

  34. Huawii 5g is comming now Austrelia Canada. Mexico. And many other countrys.

  35. This man is defending global informational monopolies controlled by a single corporation. And no one seems to mind…

  36. Direction problem with your channel it takes way too long to explain yourself and is getting boring also Just almost how I think about your channel yes your I watch it but I skip and mode of the porch because if he takes way too long

  37. I really think you're missing one point here with iPhone IPhone hasping stealing data from nokia at a time And that this how iPhone was born

  38. Not only that what is going to happen the next sign if this great war is going on who's going to trust America

  39. The race no back door from spying or whatever the USA can't handle the day losing power because of their stupidness

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