Final Fantasy en tu dispositivo móvil | Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

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  1. Thanks SQUARE ENIX and FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS for sponsoring this video! Check out FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS today:

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  2. Ohh Final Fantasy one of my favorite Rpg games

  3. The victory and background sounds of final fantasy still remains the same

  4. Down-Aerith

  5. What is the name of the game 3:58?

  6. I don't mind if betosky do different things as well, would love to see if he does the wild rift?????????

  7. fck this game not good

  8. Beto, I hope you'll have more sponsor like this. Keep up the great contents!

  9. I play this game like once a month it sucks

  10. OG final fantasy fans where y'all at ?

  11. you really sounded like the guy in the daily dose of internet channel lol

  12. Lowkey wanna see betosky stream final fantasy original game ?

  13. the joy in his voice explaining what is going on in the game he loves?

  14. Final fantasy 6 still the best

  15. Reminds me of gba pokemon game

  16. Lets respect him for this moment, he has helped us so much in mlbb throughout the years, I’ll be checking this out for our sensei Betosky :3

  17. Already stopped playing 2 years ago, too much gatcha madness

  18. Do a Alpha tutorial plz he is my favourite hero

  19. ?Downloading。。。

  20. Another sponsor from the giant game creator,even get more subs!
    I am fans of Final Fantasy too,sensei!?

  21. Do what you do best & stick to mobile legends …..I think the number of views speaks for itself.

  22. Isn't that the game you need real money from a certain point?

  23. Long time no see bro since 50 subs now ur 900k subs

  24. Wow I didn’t know mobile legends have a new texture pack!!

  25. Hope u get 1m subs 🙂

  26. 1 million giveaway?

  27. Betosky you are my favourite you tuber but next video can you play Dyroth because I never see you play at all

  28. I never spend money on any game and look at him xd

  29. Betosky, you ask for like and subscribe.
    Let me tell you something: “ Make sure to give HEARTS❤️ for your subscribers” please?

  30. Upcoming very soon video title:

  31. I absolutely love tifa- i mean i absolutely love FF and now it's in mobile? Wow.

  32. I miss this game

  33. Final Fantasy Journey of the Five is cool to

  34. I watched whole vid including the ads, I also downloaded and tried the game. Not for me, but for Betosky. He is the real Man, no complaints, no toxicity, but real gameplay, real advises, always cool and calm. Respect this person for his quality content and download this game, even just for 5 minutes. Gaming needs more people like him.

  35. I do not recommend this game it’s a huge cash grab u want a very free to play friendly final fantasy mobile game play dissidia final fantasy opera omnia!!! It’s really good trust me! If you have any questions on the game just @me you will not be disappointed!

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