FFG se burla de las noticias de Android en Twitter

FFG se ha burlado de algunas nuevas noticias de Android a través de las redes sociales. No es la primera vez que realizan este tipo de marketing. ¿Qué podría ser?
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13 comentarios

  1. probably just a rpg sourcebook

  2. ANR was the best card game I've ever played and had some of the best art too. Just look up Fetal AI. You have a Beowulf cluster of fetuses with their glowing little Terminator eyes!

  3. If it is a relaunch, I would love for it to be an official digital version of the LCG that is less clunky to play than playing on Jinteki.net.

  4. Not related to Android, but it would be awesome if FFG developed a SW Armada mobile game. Not a RTS game like the old SW Armada PC game, rather an Armada board game simulator. I love playing Armada, but there are numerous factors that it inconvenient. Often times I want to try out a new Armada build, but I have to wait days or weeks to arrange a game. A mobile game would be great for quick games. Setup would take no time and moving ships would be fast and foolproof. I imagine a 400-point match could be played in 30 minutes or less on a tablet device. I think an Armada mobile game would be fairly easy and cheap to make — nowhere as complicated as a RTS game. I wouldn’t care if it had wireless play, online multiplayer matchmaking or even an AI opponent; I’d be happy with hand-off two player mode. But MP would be welcome.

    I imagine the same board game simulator platform could work for X-Wing or Legion.

  5. Already excited but how and when is this happening will you be heading to gen con keep us updated

  6. What do I WANT? The Netrunner LCG to be relaunched. What do I EXPECT? Just a new sourcebook for the Android RPG.

  7. That art is terrible.

  8. I played the original netrunner back 'in the day' – I finally caved and bought the LCG the week before it was cancelled lol I'll not hold my breath

  9. It's always the license that screws things up.

  10. Thank you for the news.

  11. The board game is really good for being a very non-traditional board game where there's push and pull of a light side vs dark side to resource system (for every bad card you play on the others, the more positive cards you can play on yourself) and the narrative is thick and crunchy. But it could still stand to see a 2nd edition to clean up some rules and bring it up to the standard LtP and RRG rules system to be more clear. With the tease on Twitter already, it'll hit sometime soon. FFG has plenty of announcements for Gencon, so they won't be waiting to drop everything at the In-Flight Report.

  12. Oh the suspense. I hope they do a new game AND get the Netrunner license back.

  13. Primera vista 😀

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