Europa se sumerge en el aire caliente del Sahara

Varios países batieron récords de temperatura en junio después de que una enorme reserva de aire caliente del Sahara envolviera a Europa. Cientos de bomberos lucharon por contener un gran incendio en el noreste de España. El ejército español envió una unidad de 120 especialistas para ayudar a los bomberos locales a combatir las llamas, que enviaron densas columnas de humo por encima de la región de Cataluña. SUSCRÍBETE a nuestro canal de YouTube para ver más videos: Síguenos en Twitter: Me gusta en Facebook: Síguenos en Instagram: Para obtener más contenido, ve y descarga nuestras aplicaciones: Apple: Android.

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29 comentarios

  1. All the nations that forget God shall be turned into hell!

  2. To Americans some of these complaints are hilarious. We have people i mean we have living in Phoenix

  3. That really isnt hot, in Kuwait it hits 50 to 55 degrees CELSIUS its hot of course but we manage

  4. Make sure the readings are done by professionals and not propagandists.

  5. In 2003 several hundred elderly people died in nursing homes without air conditioning, besides the poor in cheap apartments.

  6. Perhaps the sun is expanding n so we are actually closer to the sun.

  7. The weather in France determines the global climate. Be afraid serfs, and pay more taxes. Only more government is the answer.

  8. wow here in canada its like march, cold and rain

  9. CO2 Permanently Above 400 PPM
    Flirting with the 1.5°C Threshold
    Antarctic CO2 Hit 400 PPM For First Time in 4 Million Years

  10. Stop whining, nobody cares

  11. So between 2003 and now did they complain how much colder it was?

  12. Europe: Doesn't have air conditioning.
    Europe when too hot: "IT'S SO HOT WE'RE DYING."
    Rest of the world: pikachu face

  13. If only it happened in winter

  14. I guess the UK needs to attack the Sahara now

  15. Why haven't the Europeans bought air conditioners? Small window units capable of keeping a few rooms cool don't cost an arm and a leg… Frankly, it is a NO BRAINER…

  16. Everywhere except the UK. And unlike some the heat is welcome.

  17. Been like this in Malta for the past 2 weeks…. nobody got it on the news when it hit 41C last week. Maybe because Europe is not prepared or not used to the heat.

  18. What pussies…. Hang out in South Carolina or Texas for a week

  19. After Europe has already been flooded with an excess of African immigrants, now they have to deal with their weather?

  20. Welcome to Texas.


  22. It's always sunny in June July months 😂 everyone knows that

  23. Are there still a good number of migrants stuck in tent cities n such cause if so I’d think that’d warrant mention

  24. Notice that sky news app is not allowing anything to do with the Tories and Brexit
    About 20% of the leave voters, in my opinion like me, could not make their minds up and thought well at least the NHS will get £350,000,000.00 EXTRA EVERY WEEK! That lie has cost the country so much. Boris is a runaway train, and it is just a case of how much more damage will be caused!

  25. it's called CO2, it turns direct sunlight into heat

  26. Meanwhile in Texas this is what cold weather looks like

  27. Two words… Global Warming

  28. MEANWHILE in the Rockies it's snowing

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