El Sony Xperia 1 merece tu atención

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El Sony Xperia 1 ha recibido una atención significativa de la comunidad de teléfonos inteligentes. Cuenta con una pantalla inusual (4k, OLED, 21: 9) y, por lo tanto, un factor de forma inusual. ¿Sony finalmente ha creado un teléfono inteligente que puede competir con Samsung, Apple y otros?

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45 comentarios

  1. Xperia 1 or OnePlus 7 Pro?

  2. Wait a sec, they were giving the same headphones with the last years device? lol that makes Xperia 1 ii somewhat less desirable to me.

  3. The camera on the phone is so shitty. It barely takes anything for the picture to be blurry. I have had older phones where it wasn't this bad

  4. Sony Erricson Xperia was my first phone, amazing still holding on to it. My other Samsung' phones just seem like following, SONY. You can't beat it. Waterproof Shutter press is phononobal believe me. Its like a human camera lol. Omg Harmonized Vibration I'm in love. Best sound too you had me at Sony ❤️

  5. Xperia 1… Asus zenfone 6…. Mi mix alpha xiaomi and HUAWEI p40 of course…

  6. Ok so 1 year on ,we now have the 2. And he’s saying the same things? Apart from price and ? It’s pretty much the same. Right here to right of this screen he’s talking about ii. Where are all these phones going?

  7. Anyone notice that dead pixel from 9:27?

  8. I'm doing the same and more with my lg g7 honestly I can't see the difference in video / image quality passed 1080p. This phone has a waaay better speaker and sound experience overall since it has a quad Dec so listening to music is literally insane,
    Plus there's an app. On play store that's called button remap which can turn any button on your phone to do what you want so I turned my Google assistant button which is on the top BTW to a camera button, and I'm doing all this on a phone that cost me 650 bucks less then what that thing would have cost me

    But yea unbox therapy great vid as always. I appreciate the content ?

  9. Could be my new phone .

  10. Made for the PROFESSIONALS not for the FOOLS

  11. I feel sad, I bought it on launch but didn't get any headphones. Probably because I'm in the UK. It's still best phone I've ever owned.

  12. Do you know where they are made ??

  13. sony xperia arc s days broo

  14. PLEASE! Review also the Xperia 10 II

  15. Wow it's weird compare to how he reacted to the Xperia 1 II. Like he forced to do a review on this. Didn't even care to turned on the Dolby Atmos on the Xperia when comparing sound with the Oneplus and Iphone and leave it sound bad for people

  16. Xperia 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9

  17. ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  18. 2019 soul with a 2017 design and a BC naming scheme.

    Sony, Jesus Christ. Get your shit together already. Lay off the alcohol and go to rehab.

  19. 1st phone: Arc S – lost 🙁
    2nd phone: Z (2014-present. 6 years and still using it as my work phone)
    3rd phone: XZ Premium (2018-present. 2 years and still a beast. My personal phone)

  20. Now the Xperia 1 Mark II filled all the gaps

  21. Sony is the king of all companies. I love sony more than me

  22. Sony review bamm Holly Molly

  23. I had Xperia Z, and Dad had Z2 and Z5 Compact but both disappointing cameras considering they make the sensors in the iPhone and the Pixel. We've both now moved to Google Pixel which I think takes some of the best if not best (depending on style you like).

    This is the first Xperia to get my interest in a while so hope we see some positive reviews.

    And if possible though it may be asking to much, please Sony sort out your naming scheme!

  24. never seen you this excited in a long time for a mobile phone.

  25. It is annoying when youtubers say they will review the device and then never follow up on it.

  26. I'm with Motorola now…but I've always wanted a Sony smartphone. I wish I could afford the Sony Xperia 1 ii. :"0

  27. We want a Xperia 1 ii !

  28. Apple- they’ll sell a dead rotten animal for 1000$, it’s the marketing that matters for success

  29. This phone is BEAUTIFUL

  30. Does it do email?

  31. Can't wait for mark 2!

  32. the battery really destroy that phone.. sucks

  33. sony makes the nicest phone out there imo. love their products!

  34. Ura little ghetto arentchu

  35. Question for sony users:
    How's the aftersales service and the reliability of the phones..? I heard a lot of negativity for their reliability..

  36. Xperia series is like the Ferrari of mobile phones, sleek and stylish and yet super powerful. Though they need better marketing.

  37. Xperia I mark 2. Make something about that.

  38. i firmly believe the sony xperia 1 mark ii deserves your attention as well. 😉

  39. Please do Sony xperia 1 mark ii Unboxing and camera test Bro

  40. They ditch their trademark stereo speaker setup

  41. Watching it on my Xperia 1..

  42. Gonna have to give a review for the xperia 1 ii next time

  43. If only tmobile sold it.

  44. I'm with Huawei but i may go for Sony soon to see how the Sony phones are! They seem very nice looking and i grew up with sony and playstation throughout my childhood (if you know what i mean)

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