El mejor teléfono inteligente (iOS vs ONE UI vs Pixel Android) – Comparación en profundidad

En este video, profundizo en las tres interfaces más populares en los Estados Unidos y analizo las sorprendentes diferencias para descubrir qué interfaz de usuario del teléfono es la mejor entre las mejores. ¡Sígueme en las redes sociales! (siempre es solo @mikeobrienn) Instagram: Twitter: TikTok: Acerca de mí: MEJORES OFERTAS TECNOLÓGICAS (actualizadas continuamente): * Wearables: * Tabletas: * Teléfonos: Comente a continuación si tiene alguna pregunta. ¡Gracias a todos por mirar! ¡Te aprecio! MARCAS DE TIEMPO: 0:00 a. m. La mayoría de las personas son parciales 1:00 a. m. Aspecto general y navegación 6:50 a. m. Funciones clave 11:00 a. m. Audio y conectividad 12:30 a. m. Accesibilidad y volumen 3:10 p. m. Búsqueda 3:30 p. m. Teclados 5: 00 PM Cámaras 6 PM :20 Ecosistemas 24 :00 Cómo elijo mi teléfono Descargo de responsabilidad: este video se basa únicamente en mis experiencias, investigaciones y opiniones. Tú y solo tú eres responsable de tus actos. Creé este canal para aconsejar a los espectadores y realmente espero que les ayude a todos. ¡Me encanta hacer estos videos y conectarme con mis espectadores! Este canal se monetiza a través de anuncios de YouTube y algunos enlaces de afiliados. Si se realiza una compra después de hacer clic en el enlace, recibiré una pequeña comisión sin costo adicional para el comprador. ¡Gracias a todos por mirar!

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31 comentarios

  1. Which do you think is the best UI??
    Cast your votes via a comment here!

  2. Pixel better all this phones.

  3. Unremovable search bar from google on pixel is unacceptable.

  4. as an iPhone user i really just prefer Google Pixels and PixelUI, the pixels is better than iPhones. Although google pixels are quite rare in Hong Kong.

  5. Pixel is android 😂 pixels software 100%

  6. Here in Europe (and as far as I am aware basically the entire rest of the world), I have not met a single person using iMessage. Everyone uses Signal, WhatsApp, Telegram, or other messengers, because they work across all devices, are encrypted, and are always high-quality. It is actually quite strange to me why Americans would use iMessage when there are much better apps out there that work across all platforms and devices.

  7. That trick you did on the iPhone by copying text from a computer to the phone used to be possible with music using a great music app called iTunes. Apple no longer wants you to do this because having spent years protesting about copyright bs they now only want iPhone and iPad users to stream music so they can generate a monthly income from this deception. The other great music phone was the walkman, Sony has also done similar. I suppose someone is happy in these companies’ accounts departments.

  8. I think Samsung One UI is actually an Android.

  9. In our country Iran phones are more expenses than the company prices because of sanctions and delivery lots of stuffs like that for example an iphone 14 pro max that costs 1200 in us is about 2600 box in Iran so 80 percent of people buy middle range phone like A series of Samsung or Xiaomi cheap phones buy generally most of the people wants to buy an iphone when they have enough money for that. But I myself love Pixel phones

  10. I always said that iPhones are crap and overpriced and deinitely not worth it but this year I chose to try something different which led to me switching from my Samsung to an iPhone, I kinda realised that the hate for Apple I had was just there for no real reason and so I finally chose to try it out, getting it in 7 days which is gonna be neat

  11. Interesting about kids picking on other kids for what phone they use. I recently saw a fan theory that you can tell the bad guy because they have Android phones. It actually seems to be true

  12. 19:20 – The iPhone not playing well with other devices sounds more like a drawback of the iPhone than other devices. :p

  13. I found this video after months of searching. It explains very well the differences between the UI’s. I currently use an iPhone and have been since they came out. Over the years I have tried to swap over to android many times without success.

    I think it is best put there are conditions to either UI/software. – Using Apple Pay is seem less and easy to manage.
    – using iMessage with your family allows you to get full resolution photos and videos (to an extent depending on length). I have tried all different kind of apps including signal. Not a big fan of meta so I’d rather not use messenger but I have tried it with the same results.

    On android:
    – customization. Something simple like rearranging your icons where you want.
    – transferring files to a computer is way easier.
    – google assistant is way better

    All in all if I could take an IPhone and mate it with an android it would be perfect. But unfortunately that can’t happen and would prolly be sued by both out of existence.

    Both companies use your personal information so it all boils down to preference.

    Personally I’d rather use android but I use an iPhone so I can stay connected better with my family.

  14. i honestly respect most of Apple user, most of them rarely go to this kind of video and leave a comment because they know they already Made a perfect choice, o7

  15. i honestly can't believe how fucking clean my iPad is, just buy an iPad and man oh man i really loving it!!! Apple product is the beast!!!!

    but fuck its so hard transfering a file from window to ipad

  16. Top 2 always be Sammy iOS …pixel is bleh

  17. best reviewer yet

  18. One ui is most customizable and best of all.

  19. About that hiccup in samsung phones – you can disable samsung pay on homescreen. I have samsung pay just on the lockscreen and not on the homescreen.

  20. Universal clipboard is also on One UI, syncs with Tab or with Windows pcs via Link to Windows.
    Instant Hotspot is called Auto Hotspot on One UI, works between phones and tablets
    Quick Share is Samsungs Airdrop, available also on Galaxy Books (Windows) works very well… my experience

  21. I've had the iPhone xr all the way up to the 13 pro max and every iPhone in-between those. I just switched to the s22 ultra and I regret not switching sooner. It's been such a great phone with so many great features I was missing on iPhone.

  22. I don't see any reason to stop using Pixel

  23. I will take anything over the buggy mess that is iOS. Trash

  24. "these are all up to date" casually dismisses update postponed notification

  25. If you are doing voiceover then just don't turn of stereo effect of microphone. The way mic or you positioned is making audio move sometimes to left and sometimes to right for no reason and was annoying. Just have same audio to both channel, no reason for stereo effect.

  26. I got both platforms

  27. 0:08 well im thinking to go back to android now haha, we have damn huge screens with phones, i demand multitasking lol, it's 2022…

  28. My personal experience with iOS vs Android:
    * The Android UI is more intuitive than iOS (regardless of what version, OneUI, Oxygen OS, stock, etc)

    * Android's UI and functionality is more customizable than iOS

    * iOS has much better app experience

    * iOS has more functionality with things like NFC pay, air drop, map pins and text messaging features

    * iOS is more cohesive and less fragmented when it comes to software and secure updates

    * iOS's Face ID is better than the camera Face Unlock of Android.

    * Android has much better file transfer between a PC and it. iOS needs additional software if not using a Mac.

    * You can access deeper technical features on Android via a terminal or command line app as well as customize specific task functionality. You can't do this on iOS without jailbreaking it.

    * iOS is generally more secure than Android. Android's fragmented OS and security updates are one of its biggest weaknesses (over half of Android phones are still using an older version of Android OS).

    * Most Android phones only get 2 to 3 years of software and security updates before they're largely abandoned. iPhones have far longer support with ones as old as the iPhone 8 still getting updates.

    * iPhones don't really lose their value and are much easier to trade in for a newer phone.

    * Apple provides better support, replacement and repair services.

  29. Whatsapp is essentially the first app that everyone in our country downloads. no Google Message, Samsung Message, or iMessage.

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