El exsoldado se encuentra con una chica androide muy avanzada

En el año 2071, los problemas energéticos del mundo parecen ser resueltos por una red de inductores de campos eléctricos interdimensionales – “bobinas” Nombre del anime: Dimensión W

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  1. so ya dont like tech n thats why ya pollute the atmosphere by using older tech

  2. I remember this anime I watched it on toonami it was pretty good

  3. Hmm yes flower

  4. Who else hates physicts

  5. Dimensions W need another season & does mc VA sound like piccolo from dbz (Series)

  6. This anime was like "hey look here at this symbol "@" ok now look here at this symbol "¤".. why are you looking at "¤" when I told you to look at this "@"?! Now why the fuck are you looking "@" when you already failed the task of looking at "¤"? LOOK AT THIS FUCKING SYMBOL "@" AND NOT THIS ONE "¤"! OMFG WHY ARE YOU LOOKING AT THIS "@" WHEN YOU ALREADLY LOOKED AT THAT SYMBOL FOR 3 TIMES??? WHAT THE FUCK!"

  7. Me looking at the thumbnail: Did that cat girl crawled out of toilet?

  8. The world of Dimension W, feels like a Cyberpunk ‘What If’ scenario where The Gang of Four was able to be stopped preventing the event known as ‘The Collapse.’ Where everything went all right, and where ‘Corpos’ aren’t exactly the dominant force, and they’re being guided by ‘Corporal Necessity’ for the betterment of the world, rather than ‘Corporal Greed’ where they’re willing to put the whole world in jeopardy for the sake of ‘money.’

  9. I watched this anime more or less on a whim, but boy, was I surprised. This is easily an 8.6/10 😊

  10. Dimension W deserves a second season.

  11. One of my favorites

  12. Excuse me what is this? And how Blue was the writers nuts making this?

  13. im not crazy you saw those birds spying on me. there DRONS!

  14. 12:05 ITS A LEXUS LFA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. What anime is this

  16. i loved this show

  17. "Robotic surveillance pigeons" – ooooh boy

  18. Bro ur account got hacked

  19. I remember this anime. I watched only a little bit of it unfortunately. But it’s beginning was pretty hooking for a while.

  20. Wat this called

  21. Listen up everyone, AniRecaps got hacked!! Let him know about it (2)

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