Edward Snowden: cómo te espía tu celular

Tomado de JRE # 1368 con Edward Snowden :.

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  1. It's about control, and money. Covid 19 is a data goldmine.
    It's a war on humanity. There's too many people on the world. Some have to die. There's not enough to go around.

  2. I assume it does

  3. Americans love to trash the CCP for their data collection but not realizing their own government is doing the same thing. The only difference is, China isn’t kidding itself of what it is. America is.

  4. Welcome to 2021 and to the rest of history my friend……

  5. This is one of the few people who deserves to be called a hero super funny our military generals can literally aid the enemy but if a hero like Edward does it he has to run away I hope Russia protects you and you give all info to the world

  6. He tells you the DANGER, but tell me, why are we all not DUMPING our phones, and listening to the guys advice???, if he's serious we should DUMP our phones, no FB, No YouTube, No google!!! get rid of the lot.

  7. I can’t stop listening to this as America seems to be tearing itself apart. I don’t think these things are mutually exclusive.

  8. Edward explains things brilliantly

  9. Yes as

  10. 7:50

    Joe Rogan: "Does shutting your phone off work?"

    Edward Snowden: "The problem is, how do you know your phone is ACTUALLY turned off?"


  11. THIS IS SO >FUCKING< SCARY!!! >.<'

  12. You cant awaken someone who is pretending to be asleep.

  13. This guy is great!

  14. This video has the most ads ever geezus

  15. Cellphone ancient. Smartphone inFANG

  16. Snowden sacrificed everything for us.I learned through his experience though don't sacrifice anything for the people because we are not only ungrateful we are too dumb to understand the how important this is

  17. Never seen Joe so serious.

  18. Done comment Damzi G

  19. I think the cellphone knows more about you then you know yourself..when your cellphone blinks how is it sending you a message? And the simple card is actually doing nothing..u think..and it can take away anything you message someone and even misprint your words your saying..leaving a message of deletion and words mixed up leaving you confused ..Wireless access is available..whose WI fi..am I on..wireless access points..does your phone actually turn off? It might if you don't have electricity….different routes and different strokes ..when your phone is not spying is intresting..Cellphone towers and your phone is constantly on….network connections come on regulary..like Facebook and you can't see the data..it's invisible..no control over….It goes on and on..

  20. He was never a traitor to America, he was a traitor to corporate America.

  21. Thank You For Sharing This Info.. On my laptop computers I disabled my web camera and microphone and I know some of this too. Thanks Edward You were a "Whistle Blower and was deemd a Traitor Like I was when I exposed the fluoride or use of hydrofluorosilicic acid in community water fluoridation back in 1993 but you have proven to be a True Patriot.

  22. Doesn't the light on the laptop and cellphone come on if the camera/or sound is activated?

  23. Why was he branded as traitor ? He is basically helping the society to see the truth.

  24. This man should be given a metal instead of title of traitor. Unfortunately I think his message has fallen on deaf ears. That's how government forced vaccines and now vaccine passports. It's now "other people" against whites, vaccinated against unvaccinated, blue against red, if you aren't with me you should have no rights. If you have what I want it's okay for me to take it.

  25. We can stop Windows 10 and 11 from spying on you with new comprehensive security measures

  26. Does vpn’s even work on phones? After learning this.

  27. Isn't that right hurricane 😕

  28. You can bypass the cell tower or at least trick it so it doesn't know you're there trust me

  29. It's nice to see that the Russians let ed out of cell from time to time 😕

  30. Imagine having a phone.

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