ECONÓMICO 10.1" Estéreo de coche con pantalla táctil Android

Así que obtuve un estéreo para automóvil con pantalla táctil Android de 10.1 “, pero ¿está bien? ¿Cómo se comporta? Y lo más importante, ¿podemos ejecutar emuladores en él? En este video, probamos esta unidad principal de estéreo para automóvil con Android de $ 125. esta ¡También viene con una cámara de respaldo! Tienen muchos nombres como Hikity Double Din Android Car Stereo, Binize 10.1 pulgadas Double Din Android 9.1 Car Stereo y muchos más. Descárgalo en Amazon: Sígueme en Twitter: Sígueme en Instagram: Uso del equipo : Dispositivo de captura de pantalla: Kit de herramientas: Estación de soldadura: Cámara: Trípode: Raspberry Pi 4: Estuche Flirc: DESCARGO DE RESPONSABILIDAD: Este video y la descripción contienen enlaces de afiliados, lo que significa que si hace clic en uno de los enlaces del producto, obtendré una pequeña comisión ¡sin costo adicional para usted! Este video, canal y video son para espectadores de 14 años. Este video no está destinado a espectadores menores de 14 años. ¿Quieres enviarme algo? ETAPRIME 12520 Capital Blvd Ste 401 Issue 108 Wake Forest, NC 27587 EE. UU. ¡ESTE VIDEO ES PARA EDUCACIÓN SOLO PARA FINES NALES! #Android #Estéreo #etaprime

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  1. I have this but I have a picture of Leonardo DiCaprio how can I customize it like yours

  2. Can I use my tablet to conect to a rear view camera?

  3. How do you get rid off that song on the screen oneilove it’s so annoying

  4. great review.. Any recommendations for 2019 toyota highlander.. Cheers E

  5. Hi ETA Prime, I have a similar unit but i still don't want to install it to my car, Wondering how did you power it without installing it to the car,

  6. How to turn it on could you make a video or reply to me please, I bought a similar stereo and I don't know if it works… And when fitted in the car it wont turn on.

    Thank you

  7. Been looking for a compatible gamepad. What wired controller did you use that worked

  8. My theme isn’t the same as yours..& I don’t have an app for themes? Any idea how I can change? Mine came with a blue background and a bmw on it with music on left and a clock on the right

  9. What do U think is the best bang for the buck for a 10incb screen will be using Apple Iv been eye balling the jvc but that’s 1300 and it’s for a Jeep might be fooling to spend that much on a soft top car.

  10. I’ve had one of these in my 300C for a few months. Looks great, sounds great. I’ve had some syncing issues with my Bluetooth OB2 but for the price I really like it. You can’t get any better for the price, quality and look.

  11. Picking a android headunit really depends on your expectations & use. If your going to interact with it a lot and utilize many of the features spending the extra money is definitely worth it. For me my purpose was bluetooth, backup camera and the ability to listen to my music collection from a usb drive. I never really connect it to the internet, android auto works fine w/ pandora & maps. It is 1gb ram and 16gb storage which I would not recommend but again for me its a media player w/ the media built it so the specs aren't an issue.

  12. Is it possible to change the CPU?

  13. It's suppose to be a car screen…and all I see is on the table.

  14. How did you turn it on out of the car?

  15. All products from china radio . Better you give this money to poor people's. Because all these radio is piece of sh☆☆☆☆

  16. I have the same head unit and it came with 2 usb cables I have both plugged in and only one works at a time is there a way around that

  17. I've been wanting something like this but does anyone know of anything that will wired or wirelessly mirror my phone with touchscreen input? Basically just want to use my phone as head unit but with a larger touchscreen…

  18. This was such a high quality video! Please do more Automotive Head Units on your channel!

  19. Does this have a TV built-in on it

  20. lmao 125 usd for this? it's not worth it dude just go with an original…maybe IF it was those cheaper 50 usd ones I would say it's good value but this? meh…

    4:45 LOLOLOLOLOLOL that's so pathetic xD a 100 usd android phone can do a lot better

  21. Any links to newer firmware?

  22. Have you tried connecting your android phone and use android auto in it?

  23. My radio wont let me manual tune and skips all the radio stations I like, any ideas on how to fix this?

  24. How do you get the controller to work ? I tried everything on my unit 🙁 or It could be the controller that u are using

  25. have this screen subwoofer out ?

  26. No CarPlay ?

  27. Just spend a bit more money and get the 4GB with 8 core, you should be fine. I got this unit because i needed something to record from and back viewing. Plus the stock head unit is just rubbish. Gonna add a seperate amp, that would be just great. Also added an additional 10 inch ipad just for videos and connected to the RCA in. The mounting took a bit of work.

  28. I've got an '07 C6 Corvette and I need to replace the standard factory screen because I need Bluetooth from one. I think this one could do the job as I'm on a budget

  29. Wow 😯 real in depth reviews

  30. Too bad no one has overclocked this, or have they?

  31. We are a professional Android manufacturer. Please contact me if you need it.

  32. well really don't know what you have against this unit from the start .. it as 64 4 gig and 4 g on mine mic very good radio android 10 up to date works very well music is out of this world when you have a top of the range system vids (( no one crappy speaker )) satnav as no problems now updated took 2 min ,,,start works what more do you want ?????

  33. Buys a car radio and test it with games -_-

  34. Amigo tengo la misma radio sabes al poner una cancion corta el primer segundo y luego sale pero suena mal asi sabes como solucionar ese problema ?

  35. So what would you recommend then wirh a 10.1 inch screen size?

  36. Yoooo first gen impreza gang

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