Deskreen: una forma autohospedada de código abierto de usar un dispositivo móvil como segundo monitor.

=== Enlaces === Página de inicio de Deskreen Deskreen Github Apoye mi canal y los esfuerzos continuos a través de Patreon: === Marca de tiempo === 00:00 Inicio 00:09 Introducción a Deskreen 02:55 Gracias a mis seguidores en Patreon y mi YouTube suscriptores 03:30 AM Descarga de Deskreen 04:25 AM Ejecución de la aplicación Deskreen (Linux) 05:05 AM Ejecución de Deskreen por primera vez 05:55 AM Ver el segundo monitor móvil en acción 10:00 AM Conexión de más de un dispositivo (segundo y terceros monitores) === Contacto === Twitter: @mickintx Telegram: @MickInTx Mastodonte: @MickInTX ¡Pruebe los servicios VPS de SSDNodes! Especificaciones asombrosas a un costo increíblemente bajo. ¡Estoy usando un servidor de 32GB RAM/$CPU por solo $9 al mes! En serio. Para el uso del servidor a largo plazo, ¡este es el camino a seguir! Obtenga un crédito de Digital Ocean de $ 50.00 al registrarse con este enlace: Use Hover como su registrador de nombres de dominio para obtener un gran control sobre sus dominios / subdominios: Apoye mi canal y los esfuerzos continuos a través de Patreon: ¿Qué está pasando por dinero? Para pagar las gotas de Digital Ocean, las donaciones a los proyectos de código abierto que envíe, cualquier hardware que necesite comprar para futuros episodios (que luego le daré a un suscriptor en un sorteo o concurso). === Atribuciones === Música de introducción y cierre proporcionada por

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  1. Hey, big fan of your videos! Love discovering new open-source stuff, and to have them presented in a concise video format keeps me coming back.

    One tip I'd have is to maybe go into a bit more detail on the drawbacks/pros and cons of the software you show. For instance, I don't think most people would be able to make much use of Deskreen for terminal purposes due to the input lag, unless their mobile device were to be plugged into ethernet. That being said, it still seems to be a great program to use in a pinch. I could see it being useful for remote work.

    Have a good day.

  2. Does apple pencil work if I use an ipad as second monitor?

  3. How to use it on Android

  4. I dont know if its just my ipad being dumb or not but it seems to not work on older ios versions. Otherwise its a handy little app.

  5. If you are going to recommend a package infrastructure, I'd like to hear more consideration then just ease of use. If people are coming to you for advice, you should at least mention that security, speed, and size are also important facts to consider – especially for choices that can have widespread effects on a person's productivity and safety.

  6. Hi!, any recommendation to replace ngrok ?

  7. wow this is great

  8. des it work like extended monitors

  9. That's nice. I've been making do with `scrcpy` and a VNC connection for a while now. I'll have to try this one out. Cheers!

  10. Application mode is great. I hope there is tiling available, to share more than one application.

    But, it is not like second monitor, it is just a screen share. Goog for interactive information. I think I'll use it after I'll back from war.

  11. Time ago I've bought app for this. Hope, this is either great.
    I love how macOS now doing it. And, as I'm using Linux on my MacBook, I want same quality screen as second.

  12. Please, do not mix politics in, will it be in favor of China, Russia, USA, EU, communism, individualism, race, sex, religion, minorities, new order, green deal, vaccination, refugees, developing countries, or what ever!

  13. Great app! I have a question, can i use projector as secondary screen?

  14. My Like number 460

  15. Great Video. Thanks for sharing. Tested on Linux / Windows / Mac. Works as described in your video.
    I think it will be great for class room connectivity where teacher works on laptop and and smart tv can be watched by students. Keep it up. You are doing a great job.

  16. Can the target device, instead of a tablet, be another PC with a monitor? E.g. I connect with PC+2 monitors, then another PC+2 monitors and in practice my PC will have 4 monitors?

  17. What OS are you running there? BTW I love your content!

  18. i want you to drop the word kinda

  19. It's pretty neat. doesn't have to be a phone or tablet either. Just type in the URL on another PC and it works as intended.

  20. I'm guessing one needs to be on the same network connection(wifi) for this to work….???

  21. Brilliant! Love this solution.

  22. I,love the vids you make. Great to get new ideas, software etc.
    Something i 'm looking forward to is some sort of opensource database with a webinterface for 2 usecases namely:
    – to register software licenses, activationcodes etc.
    – to register purchases of all sources with the opertunity to add a copy of the bill with the warranty time, categories etc.

    Maybe you know some good options 😀

  23. PLEASE the intro/outro music is way too loud.

  24. Thanks for the awesome Open Source.

  25. A useful piece of software. Also what distro of Linux are you running please? I like the look of it

  26. mmm is the same network??? 🙁

  27. Wow great peace of software. I will donate for it. Im sure. Thanks for sharing

  28. How much bandwidth does it consume? uploading & downloading compared to other streams?
    One possible way is screen mirroring a free or limited zoom-like conference call screen via one laptop & multiple phones…
    Or printing the QR code to mirror a video presentation for classes of students?
    although I don't know if can pass through adhoc (WAN) rather than internet provider…

  29. Hi Brian. Thanks for a great video. This is such a useful tool.

  30. This is cool but to me its not doing what the title of the video says. This is screen or app sharing to mirror/cast to another device, not the ability to have an additional display you can use such as when you have multiple monitors hooked up to a PC and can move stuff between monitors. You still have to go back to that app's window to interact with it. Not sure if this was what other people expected clicking into this video but that's what I thought when I saw the title in my feed. I expected a way to extend my desktop to another screen without buying another monitor or those USB portable monitors.

  31. Thanks for the demo and info, have a great day

  32. Looks very cool indeed, but the one downside is that it is Electron-based. I'll give it a try and hopefully it doesn't turn out to be a resource hog. But let's just say that my hopes aren't particularly high.

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