Desarrollador independiente para Android – Vasiliy Zukanov

Vasiliy ha sido un desarrollador independiente de Android durante varios años.

También tiene algunos de los mejores cursos de desarrollo de Android que he tenido el placer de seguir en Vi su curso de daga y su curso de prueba de unidad.

Puede encontrar más información sobre Vasiliy, sus cursos y los temas controvertidos de los que habla en su blog:

Sigue a Vasiliy en Youtube:

Sigue a Vasiliy en Twitter:

Cursos Udemy de Vasiliy:

Cursos de CodingWithMitch para Android:

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  1. where can i find Florians channel ??

  2. I really loved the content, it has many take aways for potential freelancers. I am into freelancing for a couple of months and learned many things from this video.

  3. Great discussion!! I have to disagree about Google making things hard to learn. Google has been pretty straight forward about there game plan. Kotlin is the premier language for Android Development, but still keep java because there is a great deal about legacy code. Jetpack and AndroidX are the direction the framework is going.MVVM is the architecture they believe is the best practice, not enforce but at very lease use viewmodel… The android ecosystem has grown, I think the difficulty can't blend with the change

  4. Vasiliy has excellent courses on udemy about mvp and dependency injection. I finished this courses and i use Vasiliy technicks in all my apps now.

  5. Quality Content!!

  6. This was a great discussion! Thanks guys. Few things that stood out to me:

    – totally agree about the interplay of Fuschia / Flutter / and the court case and the possible impacts on Android/mobile going forward
    – singe person's data here, but I've been on 3 teams in the last 5 years (small to midsize companies) and all are using Kotlin in their production code bases for over 2+ years now so I disagree with the notion that it's only large companies pushing Kotlin
    – ++ to investing in yourself. Totally agree that it pays you back so much in the long run
    – very much agree that a degree is not strictly required these days, but many companies (especially big ones) are going to filter our resumes without one. So for developers that don't have a degree, it might be easier to get a foot in the door at smaller companies initially

  7. This video was great, I would like to see more, Additionally i have one question about rest api everyone say that need to learn java first but also kotlin is future and everyone is jumping to kotlin, why i need java it's good language for rest api? or if it's not which

  8. Can you put url of website which is mentioned at 35:47

  9. Who is florance/floriance that they talk about as a good channel to learn android?

  10. prepare to get undercut by developers in 3rd world countries for way less. tbh it's not worth it

  11. Google in 2017 said that at the end of 2018 there will be more than 4 million Android developer in India only. I am proud to be an .Android Developer

  12. Very good questions Mitch and very nice answers from Vasiliy ?

  13. Put it on your podcast Mitch, do more of Interviews.

  14. Very interesting. I hope to see more of this content ?

  15. So close to exactly 2 hours…

    Also congrats on the wedding

    Edit: When i commented the time was ~1:59:00, no idea why it changed afterwards

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