Dejé mi celular por 30 días y me cambió la vida

Las primeras 100 personas a las que llegue tendrán acceso ilimitado durante 1 semana para probarlo. También obtendrás un 25% de descuento si quieres la membresía completa. ¡Echa un vistazo a Patreon! Consulte nuestro patrocinador musical Musicbed: si se registra, apoye el canal y las canciones que se encuentran aquí realmente pueden aumentar el valor de producción de sus videos: Compre nuestras revistas favoritas aquí: Morning Sidekick Journal: Nutrition Sidekick Journal: Meditation Sidekick Journal: Badass Body Goals Journal: Weightlifting Gym Buddy Journal: Conéctese con nosotros AQUÍ: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: En este video, apagué mi teléfono celular durante 30 días y cambió mi vida a través de una mayor productividad y un mejor control del peso. En general, un buen movimiento para la superación personal. ¡Que tengan una buena semana chicos! Saludos.

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  1. Hey folks! If you're interested in seeing how you score on the smartphone addiction test, you can go through it here:

    Let us know what your scores are if you decide to do it!

  2. Just wanna say that I feel like God used this channel to speak to me. Basically got ideas before clicking on your video. Just here searching on YouTube to see how I could 'not touch my phone. I work 8hrs a day, and after work, I'm on my phone, here on YouTube. Spent nearly 6 hours now, including the time i'm using to search on how to be productive. It makes me feel terruuuuhble! I see this video as a suggestion, haven't clicked yet and I get that 'Aha!' moment. I've always thought about getting a 'non-smart' phone but didn't act on it. Almost immediately, I think "Yes! I'll get a smart watch instead and never have to take my phone anywhere". I'm deciding to buy a cheap smart watch, nothing crazy and hopefully that works. If any of y'all think it ain't a great idea, let me know thanks 🙂

  3. Erm…. People don't seem to know that you can turn off the phone. (Power off)

  4. I think you meant cassette not 8-track

  5. Mankind is being programed by cell phones ai…we are like lab rats..time to go back to landlines

  6. From January (2022) to October (2022) I've slowly been deleting pretty much everything from my phone.
    Instagram, snapchat, Facebook, TikTok, twitter, even BeReal. I no longer have any social media and I couldn't be happier. I also started leaving my laptop and phone outside of my room 1-2 hours before bed and the results are crazy. I have more energy, feel well-rested, and never wake up groggy.
    The amount of time I have wasted on these apps is sad. The magnitude of what you can learn from reading one book compared to that same amount of time spent scrolling these apps for one day (seven hours) wakes you up. Reading a book forces your brain to be engaged and actually comprehend the material. You can easily scroll TikTok for two hours and learn literally nothing.

  7. I hate phone addicts .addiction is very bad it makes brain crazy and hyper.

  8. I’ve got £101 million pounds 💰


  10. It's so true. I am completely addict. I'am trying to stop this addiction with an addiction center

  11. This is what I realy want to watch, I felt that I cannot study well or being productive in last 3 months owing to using my laptop and phone, which are unfortunately the enemies of focus.

  12. I average 6-8 hours a day and it’s scary man

  13. Yeahhh, nice, instantly after refusing phone gets into PC 😂 I know it's work and all, but it's hilarious 🥴

  14. Wow, thank you so much, I did a 2 week fast from social media, youtube, etc. a couple months ago, t really worked, I felt so much more at peace and found tons of better things to do. We need to reflect on what matters the most. These cell phones have destroyed many lives, the good news is it can save a life when used for emergency use only.

  15. People don't seem to prepare properly when they do these experiments. The most crucial thing is to find things to replace the phone use, things to do: get books, music, movies on DVD, things for hobbies, plan what you will do with your time. The bus scenario, for example, take a book rather than just sitting there if you are worried about being bored.

  16. I think a lot of younger people are realizing that they may soon (or someday) want to have kids, and are wondering if they really want them to live in a household where everyone is spending so much time with the phone, for whatever reason. It is the user, not the phone, but teens are probably going to feel more and more pressure to use the social media apps, and not have the willpower of adults to set it down or lock it away. Sitting and listening to your own thoughts is important for brain and personality development, and way too many people think that being on a short bus ride without something to keep them occupied is intolerable. I think some of us who are single are beginning to worry about what kind of environment our kids will have in our own home, and the effect that so much phone time, and so little family time, will have on them.

  17. They were nude men facing each other as though it was in their hearts to kiss possibly more but you know and i know that they were posing for a picture that was their job love to have them as my wallpaper and boyfriend if possible you would they were beautiful nude men facing each other standing looking at each other and appeared as though they were going to kiss i have to say that they were beautiful nude and I loved them i would kiss them if i had the opportunity and enjoy it i would melt

  18. You feel better than me but you have a nicer place and more to make you feel better as far as the phone goes i had just paid the bill it wasauto pay and i got this one on the 3rd of Sept .i saw that photo on the old phone that I had before this it was a Metro PC this is with AT&T and I would love it for my wallpaper if i could get it

  19. The world today sucks because everyone using their cellphones for instegram

    We dont need phones at all, people are behaving worse with cellphones

  20. Wish i didn't have a phone. No one calls or texts.

  21. Having grown up in the 70s and 80s, it's just hard for me to think that someone wouldn't be able to get a hold of me at night. We always had a landline phone in the bedroom for convenience and for possible emergencies.

  22. That part with Indiana Jones looking in the mirror was funny

  23. 9 hours is a HECKA big deal! 👍

  24. Ok but what if someone tried to call you in an emergency?

  25. I'm glad I lost my phone

  26. Motivated !!!!!!

  27. As fate would have it I recently lost access to my phone because the screen smashed making the phone extensibility unusable because i don't have the money to fix it at the moment and in the short time I've been phone free I've realized how addicted I've been and honestly I'm not missing it all that much.

  28. I no longer have a home phone, which is very bad. My 20-year-old daughter no longer lives at home, and I feel like I have to have my cell phone on in the bedroom, just in case she gets into a car accident in the middle of the night or some other tragedy. Having the phone on the night table is too convenient not to pick it up and check it all the time. I'm considering getting a flip phone, which does not have internet access, to use for her to contact me for an emergency.

  29. i was happy without it back in the day

  30. I wish I could do this challenge I'm afraid I have an addiction and what do you do about that. I hate being controlled by something I never have been in my life. I dislike alcohol And marijuana . But the cell phone addiction kind of happens If like you say you're using it for entertainment.. Basically the problem is you have too much too much Idle time. Any ideas

  31. im using my phone for 9hours daily… sometimes more… i need help

  32. And also the whole blue light thing has been totally bunked by actual doctors If you do your research. The blue light we receive outside is way exponentially more than anything you'd ever get off of a screen of a phone.

  33. Not sure why people think reading a newspaper or a magazine or a book is somehow more noble than reading shit on your phone.

  34. Finally, time to activate Windows!

  35. He says 7 hours of phone usage when there’s me with 13-18 hours of phone usage:”)))

  36. So you decided to be with all disadvantages even after experiencing peace? Very unfortunate of you.

  37. I mostly use my phone for school work and music. What I completely hate is having to pay a monthly subscription for music……..bro throw me back to the days where you used a CD

  38. Me, instead using my PC longer: guess I'll check out every web version

  39. I love this Channel man haha subscribed

  40. does this count playing games

  41. I wanna do this but I literally need my phone for certain aspects of life

  42. Sounds like you have FOMO.

  43. I want to get rid of my phone so bad. the only things stopping me is lack of communication with friends, as well as lack of information on hand. like if I have a great idea and a really good question I won't just be able to immediately look that up on Google, I'll have to either make a mental note (and very easily forget it), or I'll have to keep a pen on me at all times so I can write down my thoughts, ideas, or questions to ask about on a laptop later on.

    It's annoying because I hate smart phones but I also love being able to text and Google whenever I want. If there was a phone out there that didn't support any forms of social media but did allow Google, photographs, text messaging and email, I'd buy it asap

  44. One thing you can do is find the top 3 most used apps by you on your phone that waste your time and set long passwords having lots of alphabets and number in them and note it somewhere. Your brain when wanting to open these apps might get bored and avoid it

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