Curso intensivo de Flutter para principiantes 2020: crea una aplicación Flutter con Flutter & Dart de Google

Introducción gratuita a Flutter para principiantes: ¡comienza con Flutter y aprende a crear una aplicación para iOS y Android con Flutter! Realiza el curso completo de Flutter: …

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  1. Content:
    Introduction 00:03
    What is Flutter 01:50
    Flutter's Architecture 07:44
    How Flutter & Dart Code Gets Compiled
    To Native Apps 12:31
    Understanding Flutter Versions 15:44
    Flutter macOS Setup 18:34
    macOS Development Environment 37:24
    Flutter Windows Setup 41:32
    Windows Development Environment 01:00:48
    Flutter & Material Design 01:04:34
    Flutter Alternatives 01:05:49
    Course Outline 01:11:56
    How To Get The Most Out Of The
    Course 01:18:36
    Module Introduction 01:21:17
    Creating a New Project 01:23:42
    An Overview of the Generated Files &
    Folders 01:35:57
    Analyzing the Default App 01:44:18
    Dart Basics 01:49:50
    More Dart Basics 02:07:08
    Building an App From Scratch 02:20:15
    Running the App on an Emulator 02:31:18
    Class Constructors & Named
    Arguments 02:34:43
    First Summary & Additional Syntax 02:43:13
    Building a Widget Tree 02:51:24
    Visible (Input / Output) & Invisible
    (Layout / Control) Widgets 02:59:04
    Adding Layout Widgets 03:02:17
    Connecting Functions & Buttons 03:09:09
    Anonymous Functions 03:16:40
    Updating Widget Data (Or: Using
    StatelessWidget Incorrectly) 03:20:01
    Updating Correctly with Stateful
    Widgets 03:26:38
    A Brief Look Under The Hood 03:38:36
    Using Private Properties 03:41:04
    Creating a New, Custom Widget 03:46:21
    First Styling & Layouting Steps 03:58:11
    Enums & Multiple Constructors 04:06:12
    Official Docs & The Widget Catalog 04:10:19
    Passing Callback Functions Around 04:12:59
    Introducing Maps 04:23:37
    Mapping Lists to Widgets 04:29:30
    final vs const 04:39:54
    Introducing "if" Statements 04:50:45
    [DART DEEP DIVE] More on "if"
    Statements 04:57:36
    [DART DEEP DIVE] The "null" Value 05:08:52
    Outputting Widgets Conditionally 05:10:55
    Splitting the App Into Widgets 05:13:16
    Calculating a Total Score 05:23:13
    Getters & "else-if" 05:30:59
    Resetting the Quiz 05:37:34
    Wrap Up 05:42:28

  2. analogy of tv & remote for choosing function name was really nice.

  3. 1 million views! Congrats! This course has helped me so much with learning flutter and I'm hoping to buy your full course this Christmas. Keep up the great work and I can't thank you enough for releasing this much of your amazing course <3

  4. Where can i download sample code ?

  5. Some1 but this man a full version of WinRAR!

  6. @1:38:001:39 10 you said IOS doesn't allow windows to have the ios folder correct? Well windows users have the folder created when we are creating new flutter projects

  7. Dear Sir I am facing a error in "Passing Callback Functions Around" section and on answer.dart file where when I am passing the function to onPressed: selectHandler, which gives me the following message
    "The argument type 'Function can't be assigned to the parameter type 'void' Function' . dart(argument_type_not_assignable)"


    The code snipt is written below:
    class Answer extends StatelessWidget {
    final Function selectHandler;
    final String answerText;

    Answer(this.selectHandler, this.answerText);
    Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return Container(
    width: double.infinity,
    child: RaisedButton(
    textColor: Colors.white,
    child: Text(answerText),
    onPressed: selectHandler,

  8. Please help…everytime I press run with/or without debugging…it does not run. Instead it just opens up a file called launch.json. I don't understand why, please help.

  9. Most repeatedly used variables:
    to = tiu
    two = tiu
    do = diu

  10. Who else is looking at the comments for the review of the course.

  11. Thank you so much for your videos Maximilian! I find so many youtube tutorial personalities over the top or abrasive but you are truly endearing.

  12. if android studio emulator can not open in my computer, how can i use the other emulator with vs-code?

  13. can you add english subtitle? i really need this :/

  14. WhatsApp me at +91 8637862842. I have an offer for you. Please sir.

  15. Thank you so much.

  16. Why was _totalScore += score not put inside setState method ?

  17. Hey… I am facing issue while running my application on virtual device. Getting error like ADB location not found. I have tried many ways…. Can you help me

  18. Can we build advance Large apps by studying all these stuff in this video please let me know…..?

  19. BEST COURSE EVER!!! thx 🙂

  20. Will I be able to create good quality apps after taking this course?

  21. thanks for sharing the course…it makes me learn flutter faster

  22. What default editor should we use when installing git

  23. Thank you ,Max . Indeed your a great man to help us tome of need !!

  24. I just finished the course but still long way, anyone wanna learn together? hit me up, let's try creating small project. No need to be ashamed, lets just chill and tolk and learn

  25. 2:28:26 MaterialApp is a object of widget class right?

  26. This is the best tutorial I've seen and has decided my choice in flutter. I'll also be buying the course. Fantastic work and would love to get more flutter courses.

  27. hi sir, plz insert Youtube CC to this video.
    I want to download also Subtitle file.
    Plz Sir , if you see my comment, plz don't ignore me.

  28. Thank you! This was really informative

  29. You won't learn , till you start coding yourself without tutorials

  30. যারা বাংলা Prefer করেন , তারা Flutter এর উপর এই Playlist টা follow করতে পারেন, Flutter এর উপর Full Course Videos.

  31. Please add subtitle

  32. Before I start the course can I create app like this "webnovel" ?

  33. Hey the course is going so good but on 2:41:56 for you it’s recommending like child :<Widget>() but for me it’s only recommending children:[] .why is that so ?.please help me with it .it will be so helpful.♥️

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