Curso intensivo de Android para desarrolladores de iOS | Kotlin

Este es un curso intensivo de Android específicamente para desarrolladores de iOS para crear su primera aplicación de Android en Kotlin. Cubriremos temas como el paso de datos, la ejecución de solicitudes de red con Retrofit, la decodificación de JSON con GSON, la devolución de objetos nativos a través de una rutina y la visualización de datos en una vista de reciclador. Cualquier desarrollador de iOS interesado en probar el desarrollo nativo de Android encontrará este curso intensivo extremadamente completo para explicar y proporcionar un gran recurso al que consultar durante proyectos futuros. Incluso los desarrolladores que no son de iOS encontrarán este curso intensivo extremadamente valioso, ya que cubre muchos temas en un solo lugar. *** Mostrar notas y enlaces *** Recursos: Android Studio – Urban Dictionary API – Maven – Repo Coroutines – Archivo de proyecto: ¿Necesita ayuda? Kilo Loco en las redes sociales: YouTube- Twitter- Instagram- ——— GEAR ——- Code Passionately Camiseta Laptop – Teclado MacBook Pro 2017 – Micrófono Anne Pro 2 – Blue Yeti DESCARGO DE RESPONSABILIDAD: Este video y descripción contienen enlaces de afiliados, lo que significa que si hace clic en uno de los enlaces de productos, recibiremos una pequeña comisión. Esto ayuda a apoyar el canal y nos permite seguir haciendo videos como este. ¡Gracias por el apoyo! #android #kotlin #kotlintutorial.

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  1. This is the perfect video! I’ve been wanting to learn android for a long time but I’ve been putting it off because it takes so long to learn something from scratch but with explanations with iOS concepts I’m already familiar with, I’m finally gonna learn it! Thanks!!

  2. It helps me a lot while learning Android as an iOS Developer. Lots of Thanks…

  3. Awesome course. I was looking exactly for these kind of content. Almost all courses spent a lot of time explaining the language and features which are not strictly necessary. I love how you went straight to the point and how you related the Android/Kotlin contents with iOs/Swift equivalent.

  4. this was so helpful!

  5. This was exactly what I was looking for. Superbly edited as well – no time wasted watching bad typing like with many other videos. You have a really clear way of explaining concepts too. Appreciate your care & effort in making this!

  6. Your video never disappoint great video 👍

  7. Is it necessary to create a new file for each class? Seems like a lot of files! (I'm new to Java/Kolin.)

  8. Thanks mate! I'm an iOS Engineer starting Android development. Love from the 🇵🇭

  9. Hi Kilo loco you have a done a great job by creating a crash course for Android using Kotlin, could you please do more videos on Android. Thank you!

  10. Good content. I understand, that you want to get some financing via advertisements. But I was presented the 8th ad in 29:30 minutes. This is like an advertisement every 3.5 minutes. This is really annoying. One every 15 minutes would be nicer.

  11. Fantastic video my man! I come from a swift background, and whilst I've done a Kotlin course on Udemy, this really helped me bridge the concept gap between the two languages. Thank you kindly, and keep up the awesome videos 🤙

  12. Can you make also such similar video like this for Android Developers who want to move to iOS?

  13. These tutorials are the best – explains the reasoning and not blind instructions!

  14. Hi Kilo loco, I am an iOS developer, this tutorial is more and more useful for us who is willing to become even an Android Developer, I want more videos like this on comparing with iOS api's which will make us better understanding for making apps in Android. Might be you can have a better price for making good tutorials like this.

  15. This is exactly what I needed! Always a pleasure learning from you!

  16. This was the video I was waiting for…. Go a head Kilo! Let's build android apps:)

  17. THANX a BUNCH FOR that API !!!!!

  18. SWIFT is so much nicer for a developer!

  19. that's easy, JSON …

  20. Maza he a gia paa ga

  21. This is a great tutorial even if you are not an iOS developer. I just wanted a simple hit the ground running tutorial and this works for me. This is from Linux btw.

  22. Watched everything! Thank you! Was learning Android for a bit so this was a good overview. What I don't understand is why are you using livedata etc and work with interfaces for a single network request when you can just use volley for Android for much simple requests in one function like iOS does.

  23. Hey kilo!
    Very nice initiative starting to learn something new like android development. For me, I started totally opposite of you. I was started on ios development while I work with android. I confess it was a little bit difficult to do a basic app on Xcode at scratch when you don't know anything about the Xcode interface. But right now Xcode is more friendly for new ones IMHO. You will figure out more about Gradle and how this tool works. I believe Gradle is the most powerful automatization system for your dependencies. I spend hours studying how to optimize my project with this.

  24. Yes. Can’t wait to watch all this!

  25. Good job my friend, I knew you would make this video.

  26. kiiiiloooo!!!, you nailed it!

  27. What would you recommend for a good video editing ?

  28. Only one word "Perfect!".
    I like your keyboard, where can I buy it? Thanks

  29. Great content as always!

  30. Kilo, you are producing excellent videos with great step-by-step explanations at the right pace and thoroughness. I have learned so much from just your last four tutorial videos. Specifically, I have avoided adding Android development to my skill set because of the learning curve with tool usage and steps for simple project development. I really appreciate your iOS Xcode context for starting Android development. Seriously nice tutorial! Thanks so much! Cary

  31. Man this is so valuable, just to experiment a bit with something else is always great.

  32. Congrats on the course.

  33. iOS guru hired by Google

    " what's up folks lets switch to Android real quick!"🤣

  34. Can you go into MultiSelectListPreferences and Sets in Java or even kotlin?

  35. Yeaaaasssss My boy came through, great video

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