Crear una aplicación de noticias en Android Studio || Diseñe el diseño y recupere datos de la API de noticias – Parte 1

Crear una aplicación de noticias en Android Studio || Diseñe el diseño y obtenga datos de la API de noticias – Parte 1 #Androidtutorial #newsApp #CodingWithMe Hola chicos y bienvenidos de nuevo a mi canal. En esta serie de videos aprenderemos cómo crear aplicaciones de noticias en Android Studio porque las API de noticias son realmente útiles para crear una aplicación de noticias Descargue todo el código fuente del enlace de Github a continuación: Con la tecnología utilizada: – API de noticias – Retrofit – Picasso – Gson – Recycler y CardView – Swipe Refresh Genere su NEWSAPI —– dependencias —— — – ————- colores——————————— – Tener un buen día. Haz clic en la campana 🔔 Gracias por venir y no olvides suscribirte para recibir más actualizaciones. Gracias de nuevo por ver mi video.

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  1. From where I can get the font file

  2. String country = getCountry();
    Can not resolve method getCountry in MAinActivity

  3. Hello please i'm getting an error with the cardView, saying cardview elevation not found, any idea on a solution please

  4. How can I integrate my blogger post in it??

  5. I have no error but without showing any data.Pls help me

  6. i saw alot of guys telling there that their adapter is not attaching , please try to copy the code from farhan's github link trust me I face the same problem but its okay now 🙂

  7. where can I get styles.xml???

  8. with this code, im getting an error with the recyclerView that says "e/recyclerview no adapter attached skipping layout", does ANYBODY know whats the problem here??? thanks!

  9. How the fuck can i import this project into android studio?

  10. Brother can I developed this app and show banner ads and earn money from it but using only Free Api.

  11. Bro from where to take the data of that app for latest news it is ok to get the data from others site

  12. Hello! What to do when I only need COVID news?

  13. Run to ho gai hai par news hi Nahi dikh Rahi hai

  14. It cant lanch due to network security. How do I fix it?

  15. For all those getting errors, firstly this is not complete video there are 4 more parts, secondly API key must be entered in place of "YOUR_API_KEY"

  16. Saying no adapter attached, skipping layout…

  17. I'm getting a blank page instead of card views. can anyone help!!!

  18. I get this error "E/RecyclerView: No adapter attached; skipping layout",why?

  19. hi, sir good evening.,
    sir, news video is palying..?

  20. Why all this video doesn't have a voice 😔

  21. The only youtube video about this that worked perfectly i can find… Thumbs up….
    Is there a way I can contact you directly pls I need help on something.

  22. Can I upload this in play store after creating app

  23. ApiClient.getInstance() getting an error for ApiClient. Should i import or add a dependency? Thanks

  24. Good Content
    But no audio or any kind of explanation.
    Its so irritating when dev is stuck with error and there is no solution to it in your tutorial.

  25. where you use API key?

  26. One thing I've notice, you've got an error in adapter particularly in the viewholder part, you enter holder.tvSource.setText(a.getSource)); and you got an error and add .getName() in it, but in my case, I didn't get an error and now I wonder how could you access the .getName() when it is in the Source class 🙁 , can you please help me out 🙂

  27. Nice 👍

  28. can uhh please tell me the code for getCategory()

  29. Hello. I want to ask whether the news api included in this video was for other site.. or I can edit and modify news as I want?

  30. hi please can you help i want to only show articles about COVID-19 what must I do

  31. Im getting an error, can you help?

  32. CLEARTEXT communication to not permitted by network security policy
    this error is shown when launching app
    Any solution

  33. Can I use this app to Read feeds from a wordpress website? Thanks

  34. Great Tutorials Farhan

  35. i'm have error about adapter = new Adapter(MainActivity.this,articles); what happent please help me….

  36. thank you, maybe you can update this playlist with kotlin. good luck Farhan!

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