Crear un cajón de navegación en Android Studio

Si este video te ayudó, considera mostrar tu apoyo para que pueda seguir haciendo videos gratis 🙂: ¡Cómprame un café! – En este video veremos cómo crear fácilmente un cajón de navegación en Android Studio. Usaremos Java para crear el cajón de navegación. El diseño principal es un DrawerLayout. Android Studio proporciona un método predeterminado para crear el cajón de navegación en caso de que recién esté iniciando el proyecto. Cubriremos las siguientes cosas, NavigationUI, NavigationController, appBarConfiguration.

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  1. How to hide floating button when we click on gallery or any other list???

  2. I'm from Vietnam, and glad for your explain !!!

  3. This is such a crazy good video, really opened my eyes to a lot of the nuances of Android Studio navigation that I wasn't understanding previously. Thank you!!

  4. see the Battery Status from 55 to 30 %

  5. Hello sir, i want to use Google maps bottom navigation bar so can help me, it implements,. When i click home screen fragment open maps and when i open history then open ride details.

  6. Guys… I'm sooo glad someone finally explained how to do something using Android Studio's own models! I never could understand their Navigation Drawer before !
    Please, do the same for Tabbed Activity and all the prebuild sample provided by Android Studio… Cause not all of us understand them !
    Can't buy you a coffee but God knows how I would !!!

  7. Who still uses java for app development.

  8. This may have been the best android tutorial I've ever watched, there was none of that "oh, this is here because it has to be". Every time I thought "but why is this like this?", you explained it, great video, very helpful. Thank you a lot!

  9. Thankyou so much for the explanation of the default code. I am a beginner and it helped a lot ❤️

  10. how to edit this SHIT ?? Trying from 3-4 days to create a new menu item and show a new fragment when it clicked but not a single video about that. Gyan mat chodo sir kaam bhi dekhao….

  11. here how u created the ui??

  12. how to change the names of the activities in navigation drawer.(For Example: Change the name of "gallery" to "wishlist" )

  13. Hi, how to replace navigation drawer actions to activity. I don't use fragments

  14. If i understand well Homme, Gallery and Slideshow : are fragments and not activities, what if i have basic activities and wanna use them in there will they work ?

  15. error: Navigation is already defined in this compilation unit

    import androidx.navigation.Navigation; THIS IS THE ERROR WHEN I TRY TO RUN MY APP? HELP ME SIR PLEASE

  16. You help .me alot…

    But one things i am getting confusion..

    I have made navigation bar also
    And on navigation i have added "about us ",,,"privacy policy "

    But whenever users clicks on privacy policy , about us .in that time it should open this about us ,,privacy policy pages…
    But i dont know how to do that…plz help me..🙏🙏🙏9🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  17. Can I have a navigation drawer with No action bar?

  18. can i perform actions in fragment like adding buttons storing text with plain text view widgets and stuuff
    (adding buttons and text view in home or gallery fragment)

  19. do you have github link for this code?

  20. Ayuda, como elimino el icono de mensajes que viene en la parte de abajo en la derecha, siempre que lo intento eliminar se me daña todo :'c

  21. How can I do just once time this menu and utilize again on anothers activities?

  22. How can I change the activity_main (xml) from ConstraintLayout to Drawer Layout once I have already changed it for another layoutpurpose (for instance I might have used it as Linear Layout or RecyclerView)?Please tell me the technique how to solve it?… We do take home page (mainactivity)for everything but it is stuffed with other issues…  While I use fragments, they crushed when Irun it… I need help guys please help me. I am a new developer with zeroeducation and experience but I understand how to make apps

  23. How to call navigation drawer activity from a baisc activity

  24. helpful video!

  25. the icons in the menu does not display in my project.. can anyone knows the problem and solution? thanks a lot

  26. Thanks alot friend!

  27. Aaaaaaaaa i didnt relize it i keep searching and failing and didnt know their is a default nav

  28. cool video thank you bro

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