Creación de la primera aplicación en Android Studio

Cree su primera aplicación de Android (Hello World) en Android Studio. Guía para principiantes para crear una aplicación de Android por primera vez. Este video es la continuación del curso de desarrollo de Android, mira los videos anteriores o para comenzar desde el principio ve a la lista de reproducción: Mejor servidor a un precio accesible, obtén 100 $ registrándote usando este enlace Contáctanos para cualquier pregunta comercial: mail @codeseasy .com Número de teléfono: +918281536333 Whatsapp: Únase a nuestro grupo de Whatsapp para discusiones en curso: Encuéntrenos en las redes sociales: Sitio web: GitHub: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Youtube: – ~ – ~~ – ~~~ – ~~ – ~ – Ver: “Crear una aplicación de papel tapiz en Android Studio – Tutorial de proyecto completo para principiantes” Cómo ganar dinero con el sitio web (Guía completa) – ~ – ~~ – ~~~ – ~~ – ~ -.

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  1. Good explanation of the basics. Thank you.

  2. Hey, at 3:21 there is a white and blue one right, when I open layout only the blue one is there??

  3. please create kotlin project

  4. Thanx a lot bro

  5. If you are a beginer please watch it best video

  6. thanks so much but i have a question after this step what about the other things a app needs like pages stuffs like that, the uses of the app someone created

  7. that is very good

  8. Wow! This is gold. Thank you so much!

  9. it shows error "could not automatically detect an ADB bunary".

  10. Crystal clear brother 👌 thanks a lot

  11. Vch version is better Kit Kat or lollipop

  12. Crisp and clear and complete all at the same time! You, sir, are a genius. Thank you 🙂

  13. I am from Bangladesh
    Your subscription style is very nice I subscribed to your channel and turned on the bell icon

  14. this guy is underrated

  15. JAVA at Sun Java has a Java SDK for Mobile Apps, Java was indeed one of the Original Languages for Mobile Devices long before Google started selling Android phones. If not for Java, there would have never been a Google or Android. Google has made this bundle of software in order to repeat what Bill Gates did with Microsoft and Windows. It's their way of trying to Monopolize the market in order you keep buying their products, and allows them to Spy even harder into your private life, which BTW, IS NONE OF THEIR FEEAKING BUSINESS.

  16. Perfect video for someone who just wants to know about the overview of how an android app is created using android-studio. Thank You for short and resourceful content.

  17. Hi sir…i am using android Studio current version

  18. Getting error: HAXM is not installed

  19. R u still replying comments

    Cool bruh

  20. please give me link to download your wallpaper used here

  21. Subbed dude really helpful thanks

  22. This absolutely Lovely. I was trying to learn to make app but all the other youtube videos were long, boring, and hard to catch up. but u r pyorfekt.

  23. You make this Easier than I thought ☺️. Thanks for sharing this

  24. Code is easy when you are explaining it

  25. Hi, Thank you for the information.

    getting one error : HAXM is required to run this AVD

  26. I am not able to set attributes of imageview…it says to select some component even if I have already selected imageview

  27. you explain it very outstading! at first i think u will rush everything fast! thank you.

  28. Everything was so simple, and also the way you explained it really made sense. Overall, this is the perfect example of a beginner's video unlike other complicated beginner videos. Good work.

  29. The app I created is not opening in the virtual phone. I'm getting two errors.. Can you please help..
    1. Cannot find symbol variable toolbar
    2. Cannot find symbol variable fab

  30. I did not get the output screen and I got a one warning in the imageView

  31. Thanks man, this video really helped me a lot <3

  32. Yo, what's up. You have any video where you can make a database backend for the apps?

  33. Length of the video wasn’t overbearing and you did a great job explaining step-by-step. Thank you for making this for everyone. 😊

  34. Great video Brother

  35. Bro, is it allowed in one app to have my interstitial ads and friends interstitial ads? Help, please

  36. Bro, is it allowed in one app to have my interstitial ads and friends interstitial ads? Help, please

  37. Bro, is it allowed in one app to have my interstitial ads and friends interstitial ads? Help, please

  38. Mine keep on saying "Host Name May Not Contain Blanks" please help

  39. Not surprised. Indian accent.

  40. can not start app can not download Cannot reach ADB server, attempting to reconnect.

  41. Thanks so much for this tutorial, I was struggling to understand mobile application development module but after watching your tutorial understand it, I will watch all your tutorials your the best 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  42. Can you please link the apps here I can't find it I badly needed it right now sir please😥

  43. plz help me making an accountant app

  44. Did you use another app for programming? What is Java then used for? What is Android Studio?

  45. watch the video on speed 1.25 and thank me later!

  46. Good, now I will make video on this

  47. Good job man keep it up

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