¡Convierta fácilmente su tableta Fire en una tableta Android real! HD10 HD7 HD8

En este video, le muestro cómo instalar fácilmente Google Play, agregar un nuevo lanzador y deshabilitar los anuncios de la pantalla de bloqueo en su tableta Amazon Fire, como los nuevos Fire HD10 HD 10 Plus, HD8 y HD 7, básicamente convirtiendo su tableta Fire en un Android real. ¡tableta! Para este tutorial, necesitará una PC o computadora portátil con Windows porque usaremos una aplicación llamada Fire Tool Box. Obtenga Fire Toolbox aquí: Cómprelo en Amazon- Nueva tableta Fire HD 10: Fire HD 10 Plus: Keyboard Case: Sígueme en Twitter: Sígueme en Instagram: Equipo que uso: Dispositivo de captura de pantalla: Kit de herramientas: Estación de soldadura: Cámara: Trípode: Raspberry Pi 4: Case Flirc: EXENCIÓN DE RESPONSABILIDAD: Este video y la descripción contienen enlaces de afiliados, lo que significa que si hace clic en uno de los enlaces de productos, ¡recibiré una pequeña comisión sin costo adicional para usted! Este video, canal y video son para espectadores mayores de 14 años. Este video no está destinado a espectadores menores de 14 años. ¿Quieres enviarme algo? ETAPRIME 12520 Capital Blvd Ste 401 Número 108 Wake Forest, NC 27587 EE. UU. ¡ESTE VIDEO ES SOLO PARA FINES EDUCATIVOS! #Android #Fire #Amazon #etaprime EXENCIÓN DE RESPONSABILIDAD: En virtud de la sección 107 de la Ley de derechos de autor de 1976, se otorga “uso justo” para fines tales como críticas, comentarios, informes, enseñanza, becas, educación e investigación. No se incluyen ni se agregan juegos o aplicaciones a ningún dispositivo en este video.

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37 comentarios

  1. I for some reason cannot download apps for the google play app store. Just keeps pending. Did I miss a step?

  2. I don't need any Amazon apps, is there any way to uninstall Amazon apps

  3. Hi I am trying to do this on my son's tablet, it is quite old though (fire 7 7th gen) no message pops up on the tablet where I can click allow from this computer, can someone tell me where I'm going wrong please

  4. I need a little help. How do I get Nova launcher to be my default launcher ? I go to the desktop and have to click on the app to launch.

  5. Hey! How do you transfer files after the fact??? When I hook my tablet to a computer now it doesn't recognize it

  6. Can someone confirm this would work with a Fire HD 8 2022? The Tool is in version 30.2 and it says it works with the Fire 7 2022 but does not mention Fire HD 8 2022. If anyone has tried, could you provide the info?

  7. He makes such a basic mistake which will cause headaches for people which is he did not disable over the air updates which is 100% necessary for this procedure its like changing your cars oil then forgetting to install a new filter and driving off, it'll work for a while until it doesn't.

  8. What O S of Android does this install. And will it update to the newest 13?

  9. Would this exploit work on a 2022 new fire 8 tablet

  10. Fire8+ with the latest update can't get yt kids to work. Anyone out there able to help! Its a Christmas present and time is running out 🙁

  11. The launcher does not stay. In the new fire tool box there is no option to completely remove the fire OS launcher what am I doing wrong?

  12. The download tab is DEAD—No Cigar!

  13. Thank you for this.

  14. After doing the modification and installing Play Store, I'm able to download all the apps I need like eBay, but for some reason when trying to download Craigslist or OfferUp, they are not even listed as options, which I think is really odd. Any idea what's going on?

  15. Well this video seems dead… any chance an update can be created? Thanks.

  16. ETA PRIME is the best voice, editor, & instructionist I've seen yet on YouTube yet! Love ya Prime! Big (Launch) Box Bastion 😉

  17. You are literally a GODSEND bro. I was debating picking one of these up as they're cheap as hell right now for the Plus and I just want a tablet that works. And with your video i was able to make it exactly what I wanted it to be which was remove all the Amazon crapware and make it just a generic android tablet. You're awesome man!!!

  18. What a mess!!! Nothing was even close to being functional! Now I'm reading that you must first choose to "unlink" your tablet to Amazon before purchasing or it will never use the Google OS? What? Meanwhile, the Toolbox thing doesn't have the options you show and nothing is even close to working. Can't come close to downloading anything much less installing. B.S. tutorial.

  19. How safe is that download tho lol

  20. I have tried everything and Google services will not install. Any advice?

  21. This was really helpful, I hope good stuff happens to you.

  22. Holy crap thank you so much! This old tablet from 2017 was a hunk of junk and i was curious if i could do this to it. THANK YOU

  23. Unfortunately, I was not thrilled at all after doing the mod, it restricted me from downloading certain apps from the store, constantly telling me I cannot do this and that due to Parental controls. Planning to go back to stock, hopefully I can do that safety. I modded the old Samsung GTab a few years ago and could never revert it back to the original, totally wasted. Maybe modded Android is just not for me 🙂. Have been using the HD8 since 2016, really not with major issues, other than ads – I guess I'll just live with it.

  24. do you need to root the tablet first?

  25. Hi thanks for the video. I did it and it's great. but now i seem to be unable to access my photos. it says photos has been blocked. go to parental control to unblock. but i have no parental control. Somebody help pls!!

  26. Exactly what I need for my Amazon fire Thank you .

  27. Does not work with the newest tablets.

  28. Will this let me download 3rd party downloads like this

  29. Is this permanent?

  30. Is it safe to use these software ?

  31. So when I did it, it worked. Until I had to restart my tablet. When I restarted my tablet it said, "Optimizing System storage and applications" and I thought it wouldn't do any thing bad. I was wrong. It undone EVERYTHING. So beware of that.

  32. still useful in december 2022, cheers man!

  33. EDIT DOES NOT WORK ON MY FIRE HD 10 PLUS 2021 1.12.22/22.1.22(For USA Peeps) about 2 minor things happened. I did get youtube vanced on it which was perfect but i think ill shell out for a proper android tablet, I hate the interface and google runs dem streets. I need the play store 🙁

  34. This was really helpful, thank you. One problem though – I can't seem to get Netflix or Disney+ through the play store after I've done this. Any idea how to fix this? Thanks

  35. Can you still keep a child's profile if you do this?

  36. Google Services won't download so I had to use the suggestion of installing Aurora as the workaround. But when I go to sign in to Google using Aurora it says something went wrong and I can't do anything. Looks like Amazon may have updated the software beyond the toolbox's capabilities.

  37. Does this affect the speed of the tab?

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