Consejos y trucos de Google Pixel 6: ¡13 increíbles funciones de Android 12 que debes probar!

El nuevo teléfono Pixel de Google viene con un nuevo software y eso significa que hay mucho por descubrir debajo del capó. Aquí hay 13 de nuestras características favoritas en Pixel 6 que deberías probar. Mira la mejor oferta de Pixel 6 que hemos encontrado en tu área *: Capítulos – 00:00 – Introducción 00:29 – Mejora la confiabilidad del sensor de huellas dactilares 01:01 – Toca atrás para ver la captura de pantalla 01:51 – Modo One-handed 02: 18 – Apagar de un vistazo 02:43 – Rotación de la pantalla de inicio 03:18 – Carga inalámbrica inversa 03:56 – Inicio rápido de GPay 04:25 – Teclado multilingüe 05:02 – Apagar cámara y micrófono 05: 16 – Historial de reproducción 06 : 08 – Deshabilitar Google Feed 06:25 – Habilitar / deshabilitar la cámara RAW 06:50 – Android Easter Egg 12 07:39 – ¡Adiós! Tomado, presentado y editado por Cam Bunton Twitter: Find Pocket-lint en línea: Twitter: Instagram: Sitio web: Mi equipo – Apple Mac Mini (M1): Panasonic Lumix GH5: Auriculares Audeze LCD-1: Lumix X Vario 12-35mm f / 2.8 Lente: fibra de carbono Tripod Peak Diseño: Rode Filmmaker System: * Pocket-lint es compatible con sus espectadores. Cuando compra a través de los enlaces en el video, podemos ganar una comisión de afiliado. Obtenga más información aquí

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49 comentarios

  1. Really intresting ,thanks.

  2. How to add the phone number to my phone!

  3. Can't get over your robot eyes.

  4. Most useful for me is that you can long press the punctuation and fast switch between questionmark,… 😄

  5. Just got the pixel 6 and I hate the huge clock on the lockscreen because I can't see my wallpaper as well. Researched it and apparently I can't change it 🙁

  6. i can’t change my grid app to get 5*5 icons, just 4*4, on my pixel 6 pro… any tip for me, please ?

  7. How do I get that home quick launch at 4:00

  8. Great help. I didn't know about a few of these. 👍 I don't find the fingerprint scanner a problem at all. Basically like my Huawei P30 PRO one.

  9. never had any issue with the fingerprint.

  10. Just a shame that choosing to turn off at a glance does not remove the at a glance widget 😟.

  11. Thanks for the tip on the fingerprint. I'll give it a shot when my pixel 6 pro arrives

  12. Anyone notice any issues with the pixel 6? I've read about connection issues…

  13. What weather widget is that?

  14. So annoying you can't get dual apps or change the navigation toggles

  15. Should I upgrade form pixel 4xl? My xl is still God as new

  16. Is there a way to shrink the stupidly huge quick settings buttons? I never imagined the giant buttons would not be customize. If I cannot I am just returning the phone. What a useless waste of space.

  17. Pretty nifty😁

  18. Do not let your pixel die. There is a chance that fingerprint scanner will stop working until you factory reset it.

  19. Hey, great video, I'm just wondering if you use features like "now playing" how does that affect you battery life? Same goes for old features like displays always ON.
    Thank for the video keep up with the awesome work😜

  20. I cannot turn off at a Glance… The upper screen is still not usable. Only thing that disapears is the small weather Update underneath the date.

  21. For those with the pro, what's the speakers like? Compared with a phone with doldy atmos that sound really good…

  22. There is no "block camera/microphone" tab on my drop down menu…??

  23. The Pixel 6 was advertised to have an interpreter mode which worked offline without Wi-Fi. It does not work offline. This feature was also advertised as something new to the Google Pixel 6. Apparently the interpreter mode works with Pixel 5 and other telephones false marketing on Google's behalf and they have no idea as to how to get this interpreter mode to work offline as they advertised.

  24. Where is a the backspace?

  25. You can hide, Block and duplicate apps????

  26. Pixel 6 is not a good phone, it is a brilliant phone in fact the best out there right now surpassing my galaxy s21 and my friend's iPhone 13 pro max on every level apart from the loudness of the speakers

  27. Thank you for the tips

  28. Good tips bro.

  29. Definitely learned a couple of useful things there – and You made the slightly hit and miss fingerprint sensor work Much better. Thanks!

  30. I need a pixel 6 so bad now 😫

  31. Thanks a lot. Very helpful.

  32. Tapping for screenshot alone was worth the view.

  33. The panel looks dusty and dim the whites look bluish grey .

  34. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH one handed mode.. not what I thought it would be…

  35. The keyboard multi language is not a new feature. My OnePlus 6 had this for years.

  36. Thanks for the tips. When I tap the upper part of my home screen, as you did, I don't get the wallpaper options you do. The home screen and the following pages are reduced in size and I see a "home" icon above them. When I tap on the reduced image of the home screen it returns to full size. Under certain circumstances my display does not always react responsively – beyond the usual problems with the fingerprint. Am I still in the green zone?

  37. This was great! Very helpful

  38. Wait can someone explain the JPEG photo thing he mentioned? I'm tech challenged (lol), I read the text under the option but it still doesn't make sense…. <3

  39. The one handed mode doesn't work if you change the display settings. For example if you make icons etc bigger…

  40. Does anyone know where his wallpaper came from?


  42. Most of these are Android related and by any means exclusive to the Pixel 6… 🥱

  43. Thank you so much. I cannot wait to receive my phone and try your tips.

  44. Big loss for pixel phones when they dumped the physical fp sensor.
    That said, Pix6Pro is100x better than the s10's

  45. Very surprising for me

  46. Will a case interfere with tapping the back for quick settings?

  47. By far best useful tips video I have watched

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