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25 comentarios

  1. I think I need to stop making these videos 😂
    First episode:
    Second Episode:

  2. But² Samsung galaxy beam 2 was actually impressive!

  3. he purposely put the no. 69 in the thumbnail in order to attract viewers… Smart!

  4. What an appropriate price tag for the thumbnail!

  5. You guys should include subtitles on your videos.

  6. que buen telefono el bmw

  7. what if the ability of all the phones combine and make one phone. That will be so cool

  8. What’s your phone that u use?

  9. My self development one product after reaching of 50 year

  10. Bro your videos are astonishing!

  11. can I have one sir?

  12. The star wars phone are great. If only they came out before the disney era…..

  13. Mrwhosetheboss: Connect to the US to unlock region locked shows
    Me, in the US: Laughs😂😂

  14. I feel like this is P2W.

  15. Okay this vid is god

  16. What are you going to do with dis all phones

  17. 2:46 then why did you click on it and show it to us

  18. I subscribed by accident but I stayed ☺️

  19. watching on bmw Edition phone.

  20. me: already has iphone 13 pro max*
    ads: GET IPHONE 14 PRO MAX NOW FOR 1900$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    me: how much more do u want from me 😭

    My IMac, macbook, iphone, ipad, and airpods looking at me like: hey we are lonely, okay?

  21. you are so cool bro

  22. whatttt😱 I wish one Phone with projector😍

  23. Buy Anime styled phones. Example would be phones used from Eden of the East anime

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