Compatibilidad con Unity Android 2019: configuración, SDK y NDK

Este es un tutorial de Unity 2019 para el nuevo soporte de Android, que muestra cómo configurar Unity con Unity Hub, instalar el soporte de Android y las herramientas SDK y NDK.

Ya no es necesario descargar esto desde una página externa, ahora está incluido en Unity Hub versión 20.0.

Creo un proyecto de ejemplo con Lightweight Render Pipeline (LWRP) y luego lo distribuyo como un archivo apk en mi dispositivo Android real que conecté por cable USB a mi PC.

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25 comentarios

  1. Thank you, man! Great tutorial.

  2. whenever I build my game I dont get the file at all… when I put the backend to Mono it works… how do i fix?

  3. Thank you for the updated content! Been looking for solution for awhile

  4. It worked first time! Liked and subbed…Thank you so much, very clear

  5. Hey @Jayanam, how to download SDK and NDK tools, if we have not installed unity 2019.2.0 from unity hub? is there any location from where i can download manually? Please help

  6. This is excellent, very helpful….still having issues with mapping of buttons on my xbox controller though :{ Running Android 9 so, allegedly, should be OK. Buttons map OK connecting controller to PC thru USB, but stick it on the phone and bluetooth the xbox controller to the phone….rubbish!

  7. thank you so much. I found everywhere to khow how to install modul by unity hub :(((((

  8. Is it possible to programmatically install the Android NDK / SDK and have the paths automatically picked up by the Unity Editor? I'm trying to automate the installation of Unity on headless macOS VMs. I'm already programmatically installing the Unity Player, the Android build tools, and the iOS build tools using .pkg files. The only missing piece of the puzzle is the Android SDK / NDK. Obviously I can just download these from Google and programmatically install them, but I don't know how to set the path to them in the Unity Editor. I also wouldn't know which version of the SDK / NDK to download for a given version of Unity.

  9. I want to cry

  10. grade build failed… please… help… I am kind of bored of every unity bad / not working functions !

  11. Ok Iam half blind.
    Thank you 😀

  12. weren't you a minecraft channel? Your voice sounds familiar. Sorry for being completely off

  13. Gradle build failed Unity 2019.1.6f

  14. It says gradle build failed everytime i tried to build. Unity 2019.1.8

  15. Thank you!!

  16. how about graydle error when compiling apk

  17. When i click on Android on build settings, it just transform into a grey box with 4 options that i cannot edit like: Texture Compression, ETC2 fallback etc.

  18. It says NDK r16 found unity required NDK r19

  19. Thanks a lot ! you made my day!!!

  20. Finally It works ! This is very easy tutorial. Thank you mate.

  21. in preferences, none of the android stuff shows up for me, what do i do?

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