Cómo reparar la batería agotada reutilizada del teléfono celular, gran idea de bricolaje

Cómo reparar la batería de teléfono celular reutilizable muerta, fantástica idea de bricolaje Hoy le mostraré cómo reparar y reutilizar la batería de teléfono celular muerta. Impresionante idea de bricolaje para arreglar la batería muerta del teléfono celular en casa. Puede reparar cualquier batería de teléfono, como el teléfono Samsung i LG, etc. Con este simple truco, los proyectos de electrónica de bricolaje simples y fáciles de hacer en casa. Espero que este video sea útil para usted y sus amigos. Comparta y suscríbase para ver videos más recientes. Espero que les guste esto también, mis otros grandes videos de proyectos nuevos ” ‘Cómo arreglar la bombilla LED Fix Part 2 Cómo arreglar la bombilla LED Parte 1 Regístrate.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this sir big help 😁

  2. Most AWESOME video!! Worked GREAT !! Thank You SIR!!!

  3. Bhai your English is mashallah😂😂😂😂😂

  4. I don’t have those staff

  5. IT work!!!!!!!! wonderfull thanks you made me save 250$

  6. O bhai urdu bola kr
    Eda tu engraiz

  7. Bhai mere paas 1 phone h uski battery kharab hue me dusri bettery lagata hu on hota h charge pe lagata hu charging pakad ta h chodta h aisa q bhai

  8. Thanks A lot bro i will subscribe your Wonderful channel

  9. Why fast decharge old battery dead ? Fast charging and fast decharge problem:-(

  10. Yes Friend , Thank you. Great video !

  11. Jst a tip frm my xperience, my realme x2 pro phone stopped charging and was not wrking at all.i tried many steps watching youtube videos and finally it strted charging slowly taking almost a day to get 25 % charge n whne i strt using it it got drained wthin a minute. So i thought eithr my phone or battry got damaage and i thought of taking it to service centre, but due to lock down i was unable to do it. Meanwhile i was using my extra another phone since realme was not wrking, but oneday almost after a month i took out my realme phone to jst check and gave a try charging it, u know wat happen Miracle it was charging so fast on VOC like before, battery back up everything was normal like new phone. Alas, i was so relieved tat i got safe frm spending atleast 3 to 4000 rs for my phone repair. So, Guys try my method, may be it will work, jst give ur phone a rest n see..

  12. Worked.. thanks so much

  13. Red=Low it means battery is below 16 or 0 to 15 and Blue=High it means battery is above 15 or 16 to 100. E means empty and F means full.

  14. Really it works👍🏻

  15. Mobile battery charge voltage 4.2 volt and charging current 300 mili-amp. Good for battery 👍

  16. I Suggest for any mobile charger not direct to battery series 1n4007 diode and 47ohm resistor in parallel in your battery proper voltage & current

  17. Thank you.👍🇬🇧

  18. it works, thankyou

  19. woooooow. very creative

  20. after charging it to 100%, how long does it takes to empty?

  21. Thanks sir it works

  22. How do you charge the phone without a charger and all the equipment( don't involve any wires or sacrificing items )

  23. Thanks for sharing this solution

  24. Sir meri battery charger h pr mobile not on

  25. HI, how do i find what is the Positive and Negative when my Garmin Nüvo 220 battery does not have that information in the battery? Actually a vhbw replacement battery.

  26. Don't look my channel name

  27. شق شق گوبیله گل دون دون بورشونو ایدی

  28. Привет из россии

  29. हैलो सर
    इस विडियो में आपने दो तरह की बैटरी दिखाई है शुरू में तो क्या आप दोनों प्रकार की बैटरी के wire connector लगा सकते है जिसमें आउटपुट इनपुट दोनों प्रकार के connector हो बिल्कुल
    जैसे कि Drone battery हो।

  30. Hello sir
    Mene aapka video dekha bahut acha hai. Sir me janana chahta hu ki ye jo aapke video me white colour Samsung battery hai. Eska charging point kuch alag hai.
    To please ek bar aisi dad battery same video banao. Thank you sir

  31. Watch out they can burst into flames doing this, had it happen

  32. Give me background music plz i love this video

  33. Как раз такое у меня случилось пару дней назад ,только он не заряжается от USB
    Пришлось сделать как легушку зарядку работает

  34. Why this man wearing gloves? 😜🤔

  35. So this basically reactivates the BMS so you can charge?

  36. 10-years old trick🙄😒

  37. Useful video, thank you sir.

  38. 🔥🔥🔥
    1:46 💟❣

  39. NICE IDEA!.
    Please make video on lenovo a6000 auto boot & battery problem .

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