Cómo publicar una aplicación de Android en Google Play 2021 | Nueva consola de juegos

En este tutorial, aprenderá a publicar su aplicación de Android en Google Play. Te mostraré cómo crear una cuenta de desarrollador, configurar el contenido de la aplicación, preparar la ficha de Play Store y finalmente lanzarla en Play Store. También compartiré algunas de las mejores prácticas al publicar una nueva aplicación en Play Store usando la Consola de desarrollo de Android. #Playstore #playconsole #android 00:00 Intro 01:02 Crear cuenta de desarrollador 02:02 Crear aplicación 02:32 Panel de control 04:50 Establecer contenido de aplicación 8:08 Preparar ficha de tienda 11:16 Crear aplicación Lanzamiento 12:42 Práctica recomendada 🛑 Preparar & Publicar aplicaciones – Lista de reproducción: Crear cuenta de desarrollador: Pruebas previas al lanzamiento: Centro de políticas para desarrolladores: Paquete de aplicaciones de Android y APK: ✅ Regístrese para ver más videos: ➡️ Viste mi último video: 🛑 ¡Serie de videos recomendada para probar! 💕Mis videos más vistos :.

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  1. After I released the bundle, lets say i have a bug. So how can I send a notification to the users who already downloaded the app before to notify them there is a new update?

  2. how do I upload apk for each architecture like x86/arm, in my console I see only aab file upload

  3. perfect video

  4. So, now we're in September, can I still publish my app using .APK?

  5. do you have to apply for internal testing? can i just publish it to the store straight a way?

  6. She's more smarter than any other youtubers that, i saw so far by searching this topic.

  7. very helpful covered in every details thanks

  8. privacy policy do not work :/ no response.

  9. Thank you ver much. Simple and effective tutorial.

  10. I have 3 google accounts, and 1 number phone,
    so, google1, it is used register youtuber account and google adsence. and numer phone I had attached on google1, my youtube chanel without anybody subcribes(so bad), I had take google2 and my friend's google account for subcribe on my chanel on same IP
    all of 3 google account were use on 1 laptop.
    now I want to register google developer accout,
    so, I was deleted all youtube chanel and google adsence, then I was attatched number phone1 on google3, I want to use google3 for google developer account, adsence, admob.
    So, I have a question, Are the any problem in this case if I use google3 and number phone1 for register google developer account and new google adsence, google admob

  11. So precise and straight to the point, great tutorial!

  12. very informative 👍👍👍

  13. thank you so much bro, this was actually so helpful

  14. Very clear video, Thank you.

  15. Privacy Policy is must ?
    if I don't have a Privacy Policy URL ?

  16. when i click "Start TO Roll Out to Open Testing "This release will be available to testers. Anyone can join your tests on Google Play" can i click roll out ?

  17. Very informative video

  18. Why the error ma'am?

  19. Hello sir, I started my Aap Release for closing testing and then
    at the same time Release for production.. So will my android app successfully publish on Play store at a Required time?? Please Reply..

  20. This was really helpful thanks 👍

  21. Great explanation. 11:31

  22. 📌THANK YOU PHOENIX_TECH11 on iG.for proving yourself🇺🇸💻❤️

  23. 📌THANK YOU PHOENIX_TECH11 on iG.for proving yourself🇺🇸💻❤️

  24. thanks so much your share!

  25. Sir please help me in my playconsole APk buddle is not showing , please help me

  26. thanks!! it helped me too much

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  28. I just got my account unbanned through 69datageek on instagram, his super amazing and fast, his highly recommended to anyone whose account is banned🇺🇲.

  29. nice tutorial i was confused in new dash board thank you

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