Cómo grabar audio o voz en Android Studio – 44 – Tutorial de desarrollo de Android para principiantes

Cómo grabar audio o voz en Android Studio – 44 – Tutorial de desarrollo de Android para principiantes Vemos muchas aplicaciones, como whats app u otras aplicaciones de redes sociales, que graban algunas notas de audio o voz y las envían a otros amigos. Así que por favor comparte nuestro video, comenta nuestro video y suscríbete a nuestro canal. Suscríbete a nuestro canal: Grupo de Facebook: Twitter: Página de Facebook: Linkdin: www.linkedin.com/in/coding-pursuits Pinterest: cómo grabar audio en Android Studio Grabación de audio de Android código de muestra de github de Android mediarecorder ejemplo de autorización de registro de grabación de audio de Android Android servicio de audio en segundo plano android mediarecorder ejemplo de grabación de video android api android studio cómo grabar voz en android studio cómo grabar voz como en estudio en android grabar audio y enviarlo al servidor android tutorial de desarrollo android para principiantes tareas de programación

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  1. Thank you so much man , your Android Studio videos helped me a lot !!! The explanations were clear and easy to understand. I appreciate you, keep it up!

  2. i have never been happier in life. this video works. thank you so much!!!

  3. بارك الله فيك

  4. there is a lot missing here maybe between cuts, eg. how the stop event got access to the mediaRecorder variable without errors

  5. Please Share the code

  6. May I ask can it be possible to record on two different instances and have both of the recording files show up on the File Explorer?

  7. can you make a video on incoming call and outgoig call recording

  8. when i click stop the application closes ;( Can u help me?

  9. Thank you so much !! Really helped me… 👍

  10. no sound comes out when I run it on my computer emulator and I do not know why this is?

  11. This app is working fine. Firstly, thank you very much for that. Secondly, just explain me that if I want to save recordings in a custom folder created by this app, not in Android folder. So, how it could be done? Because in Android 11, we doesn't have permission to open android folder and access App Data. So, User will not be able to see their recorded voice. So, please tell how can I save recordings in a separate folder. Pls reply!! Thanks 🙂

  12. Amazing! good job, you helped me a lot.

  13. Can someone please reply me as soon as possible. I tried the code and all and theres no error but i cannot run the app. I tried to run it in android emulator. Do i have to connect to real android device to run it ?

  14. tq so much man,very help full for the

  15. will it also work if I use a bluetooth headphones??

  16. sorry sir, i want to ask… How to record without sound coming out from outside?

    I want to record the sound of "GAME DRUM" only from inside the mobile device!!!

    Do you have a solution, sir… recording with clear audio without any sound from outside.. thank you 🙏

    Case in point: when I want to record, my voice is not recorded automatically … only the sound from within will appear … this is often used by DRUM applications …

  17. How can I record audio for every 3 seconds

  18. Thank you! But why is the format of the recording three_gp, while the file format is mp3? I can't understand

  19. you are awsome

  20. Thanks for your tutorial, great job! Wich is the best audio format to get the best quality audio??

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