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🔥Curso de Intelipaat Python: 🔥Cursos de programación de Intelipaat: En este video sabrás cómo comenzar a programar y los mejores lenguajes de programación para aprender en 2020 para trabajos en Google, Microsoft, Infosys, TCS etc. Además, conocerá los 5 mejores lenguajes de programación para aprender en 2020 para una carrera gratificante. #HowToStartCoding #ProgrammingForBeginners #LearnCoding #Python #Php #Java #Jbpm #Angular #C # c ++ #Django #Linux #WebDevelopement 📌 Suscríbase al canal Intellipaat y obtenga actualizaciones de video regulares: 💡 Conozca las 5 razones principales para aprender Python: 🔗 Vea los tutoriales completos de Python aquí: 📕 Lea el tutorial completo de Python aquí: 📕 Lea el blog de certificación de Python en profundidad – ¿Está buscando algo más? Regístrese en nuestros cursos de programación y conviértase en un profesional certificado (todos los cursos de capacitación son cursos de capacitación dirigidos por un instructor proporcionados por Intellipaat, que está totalmente en línea con los estándares de la industria y los organismos de certificación. Canal para videos informativos y tutoriales similares ¿Tiene preguntas sobre los principales lenguajes de programación? Pregúntenos en la sección de comentarios a continuación. ———————— —- Intellipaat Edge 1. Inicie sesión y apoyo de por vida 24 * 7 2. Horario de clases flexible 3. Asistencia profesional 4. Mentores mayores de 14 años 5. Material de curso orientado a la industria 6. Actualización gratuita del curso de por vida —– —- ——————— Para obtener más información: escríbanos a sales@intellipaat.com, o llámenos al: + 91-7847955955 EE. UU .: 1-800-216-8930 (número gratuito) Sitio web: Facebook: LinkedIn: Telegram: Instagram: Twitter: Meetup:.

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  1. Guys, what else do you want to learn from Intellipaat? Comment down below and let us know so we can create more such tutorials for you.

  2. Hi, I am a ITI student, But I have interest in coding . What should I do as my 1st step? I don't know anything about coding and computer but I want to learn it. Please can anyone help me ??

  3. I want to make minecraft shaders 🤣🤣🤣

  4. Can this Course learn about of M.A Passed Candidates ?


  6. all the information i needed to give to Jose_hakk ση ιηsтαgяαм to hack my partners password is her username

  7. all the information i needed to give to Jose_hakk ση ιηsтαgяαм to hack my partners password is her username

  8. I am medical student….
    But I really want to learn coding..

  9. Thank u sir😊

  10. A great YouTube channel ever ❤️❤️❤️💝

  11. I want to learn coding it seems interesting and want to get a better job. I already start this weekend. And I am into it.

  12. I started to love coding for 1 month already and right now im about to start how to coding. I know it's not an easy way to do, but it's my dream job so wish me luck guys! And i'm promise i'll see y'all when i'm succesful in coding!

  13. which lang will i use so that i should work in google

  14. Thanku sir for motivating m trying my best but m failing on and on but i vl try my bst n one day vl b successfull in it…. Ur doing a great job … I hav grab alot of information thanku so much

  15. I am 13yrs old, I want to start coding to create a game, so far I am doing pretty good.

  16. Hi sir I have a doubt that what languages I have to learn in which languages I will get all the basic benefits like web design and all can you tell me sir

  17. Sir I'm still studying in diploma electrical engineering 2nd year . Can I take software line after this ? But I have interest to be a software engineer.

  18. hey everyone. am new and wish this will help me to start coding

  19. Please make videos in hindi for others who don't no english

  20. Coding can be done by mobile

  21. I am in class 9 but wanna make a game from last 2 years please tell weither I can please and which language should I learn cuz I don't know anything about it

  22. I can't figure out what I want to do. I'm 18 and I completed my high school with only basics of programming languages. What shld I do to be a programmer . I don't have anything specific to do .

  23. I will come here after 10years as a SOFTWARE ENGINEER….
    REPLY SO THAT I can remember 😊

  24. In my opinion video is too long.. Try to make short videos

  25. I wanted to learn coding because in my school all where making fun of me and swearing at me and I was fat and I wanted that I will never get a government job and I don't want to and I want to be a coder and help people and make programs and make own sites and be better and be safe
    And so in my life I want to become the white hacker and help police. 😁

  26. I want to learn everything of it and one day I will make Jarvis. Congratulate sir you are the first to start my journey( now I'm 17 year old)

  27. Hi bro can u make a detail video about only coding of gaming

  28. Im 14 y.o and i want to become a successful coder someday

  29. I am in b tech cs branch first year in jamia Millia islamia University and I want to be a coding programmer

  30. i started a coding / IT major in college 6 years ago, and i stopped after 2 years of getting annoyed at the college administration and dean. now i wanna go back to learning the language, i hope i do well on my own rather than going to college since i have a lot of free time :>

    ps pls dont judge my name i made this account like 10 years ago ;-;

  31. ​tell me any best tutorial available on youtube for beginner

  32. Hi new here, I'm gonna start coding from scratch and want to build a small game sort of like sudoku I want to use RUBY but what do you recommend. It will be my very first project, also never done this so looking for feedback

  33. I am in 12 class from arts side. Can I learn coding or not?

  34. I am in 9th class i am interested to learn coding pls tech me sir 😭

  35. Can you insist any app for making an app Or a game thats not costly

  36. hey can you stream in this week plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  37. how to code animated game
    where do we code

  38. I want to become app developer how can i start?? What are the tools can anyone suggest me?

  39. I remember when I first started coding ten years ago, I didn’t even think it was possible for me to learn. Fast forward ten years, you know the software your using to scroll through YouTube? Guess who made that. Someone else. I never learned how to code.

  40. But i dont even know how to😢😢😢

  41. I am very interested in making games using unreal engine

  42. Your mind and heart both are big (个_个) Thank you so much for this 😊

  43. I am intrested to learn coding.

  44. Am 52 year old lady. Is this possible to learn for me

  45. I’m sick of loading shelves at Walmart and I heard new phrases about coding so I’m now curious

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