Cómo editar videos en Android y iPhone – Guía definitiva para principiantes

¿Quieres saber cómo editar videos en iPhone y Android como un profesional? En esta guía para principiantes, aprenda todos los entresijos, herramientas y técnicas de edición para crear videos impresionantes en su teléfono inteligente. PowerDirector es el mejor software de edición de video para Windows, Mac, iOS y Android que potencia su creatividad con herramientas de edición profesionales, características únicas y una interfaz de usuario optimizada. Cree videos visualmente impresionantes para YouTube y las redes sociales con efectos de video, música y efectos de sonido de primera calidad, además de acceso a activos de archivo libres de regalías. Consulte la guía completa: Descargue la aplicación gratuita PowerDirector para Android desde Play Store: Descargue la aplicación gratuita para iOS PowerDirector desde la App Store: ¿Quiere crear en una PC con Windows? Descargar PowerDirector 365 Essential gratis: 0:00 Introducción 0:40 Conceptos básicos 0:50 Crear un nuevo proyecto 1:13 Cortar, dividir y combinar clips 2:30 Panorámica y zoom 3:15 Texto y títulos 4:07 Exportar y compartir 4 : 46 Efectos 4:57 Controles de velocidad 5:41 Chroma Key 6:21 Modos de fusión 6:51 Máscaras 7:24 Audio 7:33 Música y efectos de sonido 8:13 Extraer audio del video 8:32 Grabar y agregar voz campo 8:55 Fotogramas clave de audio y herramienta de mezcla #AndroidVideoEditing #iPhoneVideoEditing #PowerDirector.

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39 comentarios

  1. the effect system is blocked by the text message you convey 🙏

  2. how do you put meme clips

  3. Sir one doubt this app song and intro vedio can I add my vedio or not any copyright issues plz tell mee

  4. Cnt find "files" tab under asd audil option hence cnt use audio frm my device

  5. 僕は番組の制作をしたい天気予報に番組制作をスタッフになりたい。

  6. Please I need app for image editor

  7. Are there actual people running this app?I purchased, and then a year later got a new phone, can't restore my purchased features on new phone, this app is so full 8f useless crap, I just want the basic stuff, to make a professional looking video, yet never treated like a good paying customer, never any one to just call, or message, and get a simple answer, to fix the issues… how about a video telling us about help, and support for the app??? I also highly resent the fact that the app provides material full of copy right claims, that don't show up, or make themselves known until after we publish a video, then YouTube sanctions us, and we have no choice but to chop up the video, so its crap, delete it, or try re editing, and republishing, without the music, or features we want to use from the app, , ruining our origional vision, and plans… now I'm limited even for multi track layering, because on my new phone, I'm seen as a worthless free trial period user… and the stupid music we can use is junk, and can't change the volume levels in editing, and it auto saves to your phone, and you can never get rid of it once you use it…

  8. My favorite editing app

  9. De todos los editores que eh ocupado este es el que más me gusta. 😎👍😘

  10. Guys, someone help! How to add multiple effects in one video at the same time, for example I want "kicks" and "abberation" simultaneously in one video, there is no effect layer… What can I do?

  11. Thank you so much guys…incredible

  12. Is there a way to fade out image of video/footage like there is in the desktop version? I can’t find that effect in the Mobile version. Missing it!

  13. i use this app to edit my videos. tysm.

  14. Could this guy seem any more disinterested?

  15. Very fast speakers)))…. Pleeeese, translate it on russian languege

  16. Love it, I had to upgrade! Very satisfied!

  17. I didnt get that pencil icon or edit Icon😧

  18. Que pasa si no puedo poner un video como una capa para usar la clave cromatica

  19. 10….. 9…… 8…..7….. This feature you don't have it right???

  20. Perfect guys thank you.
    Watching from Karnataka-India

  21. I love power director so easy to use

  22. hi I am the one who subscribes and follows this channel. Please allow me to re-upload the video and translate it into Indonesian

  23. Hey… I took down my original 4 star on Google play app store with this application…I bought it 5 years ago and paid a one time fee… It was good at first but with every update it gets more and more glitchy… and now you want me to buy more and more on it? Even pay yearly for something that I can not even sync the music with the video because it is always off by .5 seconds so I have to produce the WHOLE 45 minute video every time I do an edit..just to see if it comes out right..I am this close to switching …

  24. This is most prmieum editing software I give it Five stars for this prmieum editing

  25. Thank you so much for both of you guys! Love your explanation! Take care always

  26. Here I'm with random search… I have no idea about video editing, now taking first step towards, let's see how filmmaking goes. Thank you guys.

  27. Can u do how to make a Sparta remixes on PowerDirector

  28. thanxx for the great tutorial video

  29. So how do i add videos from lets say facebook or you tube to edit and make my own?

  30. Can you tell how to change background in video🎥

  31. Added a few more tips… Great job

  32. Thanks a lot sir but I have a question how you have added title in the video…
    We r not getting these templates of title in power director app??.
    Or sir you r using any other app???

  33. Are there Android video editors that can export video to HEVC (h.265)?

  34. Funfact they have not used POWER DIRECTOR for EDITING.😂

  35. I just came to this app and it's amazing 😎🔥

  36. Ive downloaded the app onto my phone and will be soon creating videos for my Pokémon Go Channel

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