Cómo deshabilitar las notificaciones de Google o las fuentes de noticias en su teléfono Android 10

Cómo deshabilitar las notificaciones de Google o las fuentes de noticias en su teléfono Android 10 Vaya a la pantalla de inicio Mantenga presionado un espacio vacío Luego toque “Configuración de inicio” Ahora desactive el botón junto a “Ver aplicaciones de Google”. # Android10 #AndroidQ # TipsForAndroid10.

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  1. Doesn't work on my phone as instructions are incorrect for my phone

  2. Same here, the option does not display

  3. all news is badnews – glad I could disable it

  4. I cannot see it on me phone . It is a android moto g8 power lite .

  5. Thank you so much. This was incredibly simply but I haven't been able to figure it out for the longest time.

  6. This is the dumbest and most annoying feature. I almost threw my phone in the garbage. What nerve google has to only allow you access to their “approved” news sources. You’re not allowed to have Newsmax or the Epoc Times. I’m content to just disable the feature completely. Thank you.

  7. Thank you very much, this is what i need so much, oh now no more news yes ! Now my phone is just what it needs to be a phone 🙂

  8. @Frechenurselves, its worse than that. There are options for selecting which feeds you don't want. You can, say, tell the news feeder you are not interested in Sports or news from a particular feed. Great idea right?! However, because google itself is a commercial entity, the google news feed application actually ignores any of your requests to stop themed stories or stories from particular news providers BECAUSE the news streamers are more often paying google to stay in your face. Disabling the APP is also an option, it was the option I took.

    The problem is with the so-call AI of the apps. Since between 1) once you watch a few things it pummels you with the same thing over and over, including the same story told by different news feeds (who often just block copy stories from one another) and 2) since you get pummelled with news paid to be pushed at you, you very soon are not interested in what's being pushed.

    You can see the same problem in the add pushers. Buy a bluetooth headset, I dare you. You'll then get pummelled with adds for bluetooth headsets because the AI is too dumb to realise you are probably not wanting second, third, forth, fifth and sixth bluetooth headset.

    So well done for opting to turn the noise off.

  9. I don't know what version of Android that is, but my phone looks nothing like that when I press and hold the home screen those options don't come up and I can't get rid of it! So annoying!

  10. Thank you so much. This has been bothering me for months. It really shows a certain kind of news and thought there was no escape. Bless you

  11. how to do it on oppo reno 4

  12. Thank you very much god bless you

  13. For certain versions to disable the Google feed or Google discover
    Press and hold on empty screen
    >Setting > more > home >
    turn off Google discover

  14. I'm not suprised that Google is posting misinformation on how to disable their propaganda machine. This was a very efficient guide. Thank your for the help madam.

  15. thank you. it's very useful

  16. thank you. it's very useful

  17. There is NOT a display google app on my phone! this is so frustrating.. everyone is saying the same thing and It's not there.

  18. How to remove app suggestion in nokia 6.1 plus Android 10

  19. Thank you! I'm new to Android and couldn't find this setting for the life of me. This was a super clear, to the point tutorial. New subscriber! Thank you for this.

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