Cómo crear un juego multijugador en Unity para Android EN EL MISMO WIFI y EN INTERNET_LOCAL y GLOBAL

**********. DESCARGA PLAYMAKER GRATIS:. ********** Hola a todos en este video les mostraré cómo crear un juego multijugador en Unity para Android o PC donde podrán jugar con su amigo a través del mismo WIFI o vía Internet !!! !! Funciona en Android, PC, MAC, etc. Doname dinero de PayPal: regístrate para recibir más tutoriales ************************************ *** * ********************************************************************************************************************************** anterior Configurar el SDK de Android en Unity: Cómo cambiar el auto de recursos estándar en cualquier auto: Descargar Playmaker (Newer_version): Ver la serie de tutoriales de parkour: Cómo descargar recursos pagos gratis Unity: Cómo crear cualquier juego en unity sin escribir ningún código : Vea cómo crear una línea de baile: Vea Cómo crear menús en Unity: Vea la serie de tutoriales Top_down: Cómo crear un juego AR simple en Unity: Vea la serie de tutoriales de Parkour: Vea la Serie de GTA: Cómo preparar y animar a su personaje : Suscríbete a mi canal.

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  1. Hi please I want help I want to make quiz game for android and wanted to be multi-player can you suggest any videos I can watch or what should I do
    Thank you in advance

  2. Tell us in a video, how you changed the shape, location, and color of the buttons, the room search buttons, and … etc

  3. very good my friend!! I follow ALL your tutorials and I like more!! just make a other one tutorial maybe for complete your collection….one tutorial is this " how to create a fps in multiplayers" for don't use a programs similar to MFPS 2.0, etc…( photon pun 2 to reference for a servers for example…). thanks from Italy my friend, 🙂

  4. Where is second part , i think you betrayed us, and let us to waiting for your video for eternity??

  5. Can u pls say that whether it was free or not? And can it allow 1M players playing within different rooms but same server for free?

  6. does not works on android.
    please guide….
    I have to connect 2-3 android phones using wife or Bluetooth and establish the communication…
    this project work on my computer but does not helps me to establish connection between two phones.

  7. Hi, is the second part available? I cannot find it anywhere and my school project depends on this lol hahah

  8. How can i scale those host and client buttons?? they are really small

  9. я один с россии?

  10. There is a problem that the multiplayer project open in a single device works but if we share the project with our friend then it don't join us in multiplayer

  11. NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
    Movement.Update () (at Assets/Scripts/Movement.cs:60)

    I am getting this error…Please help!

  12. Really appreciate the video, I was dying to learn this thing so that I can implement it in my personal projects

  13. How to do it with internet and not local network?

  14. thanks for your all your tutorial all you videos help me a lot 🙂 thanks you again

  15. i folow along the whole video but the spawn points are note working

  16. I have unity 2020 could not find network-manager

  17. Guys can anyone pls help me all of the things are working but when iam moving the other player is moving together with the first player what must I do pls help

  18. in unity 2020 this component was removed. Now it is available as open source project on assets store called mirror networking

  19. does not work on android. i saved you a couple of time 😀

  20. You didn't show it working on a android device. All the unity mirror example projects work on standalone build but not for android device.. has anyone got mirror to work on android device recently? would love to know how

  21. Hello my friend
    First I wanna tell you that you are awesome
    All this stuff worked for me
    But the problem is that when i control my player in one device
    All players take the order to move
    How can i seperate it

  22. I have a doubt that if i will make or enable global game then will it cost me somethong or like its a free unity service can please someone answer me

  23. I need in Android not in Pc

  24. Does this work on 3d

  25. Makes a lot of sense on how MORTAL KOMBAT was made right?

  26. I like how he feels more confident when he burnt out that crazy 8 lol

  27. I know I am very late to this vid but I have a doubt. Is it multiplayer in the services free?
    Pls replay.

  28. I wish I could just copy the codes

  29. I m having a prob I made simple scene with a 3 third person character. When I join lan and press w I control all characters at the same time

  30. Does it work with Android?

  31. Plz upload part 2

  32. Hey man awesome! But if I want 1 player to be green and other to be blue what to do

  33. Please make simple game in 30 min please 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😭

  34. Thank you so much bro

  35. Is there a way to use unity for free?

  36. Gracias por el vídeo, me ha sido de gran ayuda. te agradezco que lo hayas hecho. Ahora solo me resta hacerlo funcionar e implementar lo que aprendí en el vídeo, dentro de mi proyecto. Y de nuevo gracias.

  37. Thanks, any ideas why isn't working on the cellphone?, I've trying on an android device but still not working, however on my pc it does.

  38. Its works if the players are not connect to the same wifi???

  39. Bro please make this series with Mirror Multiplayer. PLEASE MAN WE NEED THIS SERIES. PLEASE MAKE IT. I actually want to create my game in Lan Multiplayer and play with my friends plz

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