Cómo Android ha destruido el sistema operativo Samsung.

Todos han oído hablar de Android e iOS, es posible que hayas oído hablar del sistema operativo Hongmeng de Huawei, pero lo más probable es que no supieras que Samsung había creado previamente su propio sistema operativo, un competidor de Android, pero ¿a dónde fue?

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26 comentarios

  1. Your voice is so fancy tbh

  2. Probably a better OS than Android.

  3. i will install bada os on my galaxy tab e

  4. I've used a Bada phone!

  5. 'super rare'… Dude I have like 2 of them

  6. Windows Phone died because it lacks App support. Huhuhu. Missing Metro UI phones

  7. Why do they still use galaxy apps?

  8. The Samsung Wave was my first real smartphone. I used it for 2 years and then I switched to the Galaxy S3. So my Android career has began.
    I liked the phone. So much new, and nothing you miss when you didn't use Android before.

  9. 2010: 3.3” display

    2019: 6.8” display

  10. But the nokia had a app store with java apps

  11. That Samsung honestly does look pretty awesome! Especially for a phone back then!

  12. Got a samsung galaxy s10 + ad before the vid

  13. According to the thumbnail the Samsung os has ONEUI icons

  14. Well the galaxy store is still a wasteland

  15. Should be called how Samsung destroyed Samsung phones.

  16. I had a Galaxy Rex70 year ago, it runs Bada OS. It was TERRIBLE on this Phone!

  17. I owned a Samsung Wave 525. It was undoubtedly the worst phone I owned till date. Laggy, Bad Camera, No Apps like WhatsApp, Instagram. No wonder it failed

  18. Poor windows phone, doesn't even get mentioned ?

  19. My dad bought a samsung wave back in the day and it was pretty epic

  20. I actually give credit to HTC for giving android solid foundation den Samsung
    HTC started with Windows and den moved to Android with full touch screen models like wildfire, desire, hero and they were great and were easily making solid sales along with Nokia N Series
    Thats where Samsung has no option to drop Bada
    They couldn't even bring whatsapp to Bada OS.

    But still i think for non android models Wave was very classy at that time.

  21. Samsung ought to allow bada os to launch android apps too!

  22. Samsung isn't really know for their coorperation with others. Just look what Tizen is today and what Meego was. Meego was much ealier and with coorperating with Nokia and Intel they had won. Also Texas Instruments supplied better SOCs at that time.

  23. idk how that happened but i forgot to subscribe. btw problem fixed

  24. Wasn’t BlackBerry’s OS able to run android apps? And I believe Windows was also experimenting with android apps in there OS. So what happened there?

  25. My grandma still has a wave?

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