Centro de desarrollo de África de Microsoft

Microsoft lanzó el primer Centro de Desarrollo de África en Nairobi, Kenia y Lagos, Nigeria. El ADC será un importante centro de ingeniería donde los talentos africanos de clase mundial pueden crear soluciones innovadoras para el impacto local y global.

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25 comentarios

  1. Open a Development Center in South Africa too. There is huge opportunity now that the Azure data centers are opened.

  2. But how can they fail to go to Nigeria?? They have Yahoo boys and some online scammers

  3. Awesome! I love Microsoft!

  4. Now if i call up a text support and hear an African accent, i don’t know what to believe.

  5. Oh so Microsoft text support wasn’t lying.

  6. Can you come to the Caribbean next?

  7. This is Great, Where will the Lagos office location be @?

  8. Good things coming to Nigeria… Awesome!! ?️?️?️

  9. Satya has taken Microsoft to new heights. It's already the most valued company in the world. A true leader. The US companies can't get enough of Indian-origin CEOs.

  10. Hi Microsoft, do you advertise jobs internationally for your Africa development center?

  11. cristais paulista sp brasil .

  12. I really hope they open one in sudan in the future

  13. Give the poor African children some knee gear Microsoft while you’re at it.

  14. Let's make world great again.

  15. pls come to ivory coast

  16. Awesome ? Microsoft!!!

  17. Bet theres gonna be comments making fun of poor people in Africa or some kind of joke like that.

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