Características de la temporada navideña de Android: Entrega especial de diciembre de 2022

Google ha lanzado una serie de funciones para los usuarios de Android y WearOS para celebrar las vacaciones de diciembre de 2022. Estas funciones no forman parte del lanzamiento de funciones de diciembre de 2022 para teléfonos Pixel. #android13 #madebygoogle #pixelwatch #googlepixel #navidad **Capítulos** 0:00 – Introducción 0:33 – Nuevos collages de Google Fotos 1:00 – Pegatinas navideñas de Gboard 1:14 – Widget de aplicación de YouTube 1:40 Aplicaciones Google TV 2: 00 – Uso compartido de la llave del coche digital 2:11 – Aplicación de modo de lectura 6:24 – Función de vacaciones de Pixel Watch 6:54 – Salida de donación: Lista de reproducción: Para consultas comerciales, complete el siguiente formulario: Sígueme en: Sitio web: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Amazon Affiliate Links: Amazon US: Amazon UK: Amazon UAE: Amazon Canada: Amazon Germany: My Filming Gear & Tools + Link de compra:

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  1. ❤️ from India 🇮🇳

  2. I cant get over how swedish your accent sounds, are you swedish?

  3. Congrats on 100k man!

  4. Hopefully Google Assistant can activate the reading mode

  5. I LOVED the moment you had to show Google Widget present on iPhone as NOT available on Pixel 7 so called Google Flagship – what an embarrassment for whole Android community

  6. I am using the Pixel 7 pro since it was launched. I have a serious problem with network reception and sim error. It is really annoying. I got the December update still this issue is not resolved because it is a hardware issue. I really regretted my purchase and tried to return the phone . However Google doesn't even bother to address the issue . Better go any other stock Android phones or i phone 13 pro max. Good value for money

  7. They also change how smoother the UI experience is. I used to have plenty of hiccups when just moving from App to App.

  8. Updated and got barely any of the features 😢

  9. Still supporting mi man

  10. Still supporting mi man

  11. Reading mode Is for pixel 7 only?

  12. Reading app is a win!

  13. Is the new collage style a US only update?

  14. battery widget now shows the time remaining for battery

  15. Like clockwork! Love that you cover all the new Android updates and Pixel feature drops

  16. I live in the UAE and I am considering getting the pixel 7 or the upcoming pixel 7a. What compromises will I be making by buying a pixel in the middle east? I am planning to get them through noon because some sellers are offering 1 year warranty. And lastly do you think it is worth it to buy the pixel 7 in the UAE?

  17. reading mode seems awesome

  18. إبن بلدنا آلي مشرفنا ❤️❤️

  19. In short, just timepass features which only 1-2% audience will use.

  20. If I find something how do I tell you ?

  21. Love from Pakistan❤

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