Calyx OS – ¿¡El próximo gran competidor de Android!?

Calyx OS vs Regular Google Android 12 – Todo lo que necesita saber… y si a Google debería importarle 👀 Oferta por tiempo limitado: ¡Diríjase e ingrese el código de promoción BOSS para obtener un 83 % de descuento y 3 meses gratis! (Cito el 81 %, ¡pero en realidad es el 83 %!) Suscríbete para obtener más contenido (ES GRATIS): Me alegraría el día si también pudieras seguirme en: 🌈 Instagram: 🐦 Twitter: 😊 Facebook: Amazon Affiliate Links: Amazon EE. UU. : Amazon UK : My Filming Gear : Music is by Epidemic sound :

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  1. I did not realise so many of you would click this video 😂 Stay for a fun easter egg right at the very end 👀
    To see the Ultimate Tech fails video:

  2. Sounds a bit like Freedom Phone i wonder why 🤔 (just came to my mind lol)

  3. Google spent a lot of money on developing Android. If this new os would replace Google, Google would stop developing Android. How would it keep up with iOs then?

  4. It is still aosp at base

  5. So basically, you can buy any android smartphone and mode it to remove avery google service.

  6. Android Try Hard For Making The Content Better🤣👑…

  7. hemmm, just like use custom rom Lineage OS

  8. How about both in one phone to make perfect 💯 an easy to switch

  9. It has a permanently active free VPN….
    Thanks, but no thanks.

  10. WtF? That's just a fork of Android.

  11. if you are confused which phone to buy i have the free solution.

  12. Calyx OS and Harmony OS both are copy from Android

  13. Good catch 😂

  14. 1:50 my man escaped the backrooms

  15. My next OS I'm thinking hard about trying out ubuntu touch 🤔

  16. I hope you don't consider yourself a boss for some silly actions you make..

  17. Calyx os does get ported a lot , but like…yeah it's not that fresh looking and heck is understandable but it's extending further than pixels

  18. It's been an year. You need to change the title. Never heard this OS in future.

  19. It is android, it's not it's own OS.

  20. Dont act like you didnt see "How old is Rick Astley"

  21. I helped design most of it without getting paid for it on a older phones without realizing what I have done.

  22. Remember to take your meds guys.

  23. and here we are, an extremely useless topic

  24. Apple is literally all about privacy.

  25. Me who’s the boss should make a updated video on this

  26. Lawsuits incomming in 3… 2…

  27. Say preevacy one more time. 🥲



  29. Not tracking call logs for domestic violence/safety services actually blew me away. You're right, it has thoughtful features that I wouldn't even expect them to think of. I think it's awesome, I'd love a comparison to grapheneOs too. They're quite different but have a similar concept

  30. Harmony Os!!!!!!!!!!

  31. I wise you would say privacy right

  32. Problem I see here if Google decide they want to change android to a close source os. That don't have any of the old open source parts. Forking it won't make mass app developers to keep supporting it. Is a nice idea is not Google take over always need Google to support the os.

  33. I see the potential

  34. i beg to differ, GraphiteOS is still better + you can relock your bootloader with GraphiteOS

  35. Yess we need a new os….we can't rely on Android after the update problems

  36. 10:14
    If Calyx really knows even the most basic thing about privacy and security, they will NEVER partner with an OEM puppet of the CCP. Which, need I remind you all, is a hostile foreign power.

  37. তুমি একটু বেশি একটিং করে ফেলেছো।

  38. there aren't any trackers in the os but there are trackers in the proprietary API's

  39. How stable is this OS, yeah who built it?

  40. very interesting, and just saw they even offer a version for my oneplus. will flash this as soon as my device warranty runs out

  41. nicholas marold calyxos creator that's the correct spelling right because nothing shows up lol

  42. I mean, it is still Android.

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