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Publique sus aplicaciones y juegos para usuarios de todo el mundo y haga crecer su negocio en Google Play. Google Play Console te brinda la posibilidad de hacer crecer tu aplicación o juego con acceso a miles de millones de usuarios y las herramientas para adquirirlos. Nuestras herramientas de prueba e informes previos al lanzamiento pueden ayudarlo a publicar con confianza. Podrá tomar decisiones basadas en datos con acceso a información única, como métricas únicas sobre su aplicación. Obtén más información sobre lo que puedes hacer con Google Play Console. Más información → Listas de reproducción de Google Play → Suscríbete a desarrolladores de Android → #Featured #GooglePlay #PlayConsole #GooglePlayConsole.

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  1. Anyone know what the right website is to publish apps on Google Play? I think it was But now i find 2 sites online and also . Both of these say you can publish on google play . Which is the right one? Thanks.

  2. Yes someone have to control there, who have the controll over terminating accounts! some actions are very unfair and no clue! not nice, no trust left and you can not use people like toy!!!!!!!!!

  3. Why i can't sign up for Google Play Console account from Afghanistan?

    Please Please Please add Afghanistan in all Google Services Play Console, Cloud…


  4. Poor Support

  5. The music is hyping this waaay too much, but overall I think it is a decent update to the Google Play Console. But I feel the responsiveness of the UI is bad sometimes.

  6. Play Console is straight garbage, unintuitive, and buggy.

  7. Google Play Developer Account charged me twice the registration fee

    I tried to buy a Google Play Console Developer Account through credit card but it failed and received a mail that my payment is declined.

    The same email contained the Fix or Retry Payment button so I clicked it and it redirected me to Google Payment Centre. I tried to do the payment there through a credit card and this time payment of $25 was successful (Order Id PDS.3250-3946-4642-63396) but I didn't get my play console account and it was showing me to again sign up.

    So I again signed up and again done the payment of $25 (Order Id PDS.9814-6882-3744-83733).

    So my refund of the first payment is pending where my developer account was not reflected. Please provide my refund as fast as possible. I am a small developer and right now I don't have money.

    I contacted the support team but there was no response even after 6 days please please help.

  8. I've been waiting to try this for so long. Googly is one of the greatest help Google play

  9. Whoah Google using cool music for the first time :O I'm shocked. Good job music team <3!
    Edit: It's called Fever Dream – Nightgames

  10. Google replace old bad console with new bad console.

  11. Thanks fro Google Play!

  12. Where's the game services? I have to use the old console to update leaderboards and achievements in Game Services, but you guys keep irritating the user experience by displaying a huge red box on top of the webpage and tell me to use the new version but there's nothing in there.

  13. This is on my phone. I do not understand. I am a retired nurse, now a poet. My computer programming experience is from 1986, when the mouse came out. My training is on the APPLE 2C, and IBM.

  14. Where do we change the Console language? It displays in my native language, but it's awful to follow tutorials, etc.

  15. Why do so many "explanatory videos" have too loud and annoying background music? Very disappointing that even the owner of YouTube can't make videos that are easy to listen.

  16. There is no freedom with Play Console. Once Account is Terminated, all the efforts you have taken is wasted in a second. No way you're account gonna reinstated unless you are a famous entity. Even after these years termination remains and will not change.

  17. Google loves to redesign and overhaul their UIs and that's… Ok I guess. BUT it seems that with most redesigns some features are droppped. This is no exception.

  18. Nice music! Who is the author and what is the track title?

  19. sigh… time to look for tutorial

  20. I gave it a try when I wanted to create new promo codes. That part is improved I think, the old interface was hard to use, as there was no dropdown for IAP products, you had to cancel to process and copy paste the IDs from another page. Now there is a dropdown and a one-page setup. Other features I have not tried, but it is gonna be mandatory after the 2nd of November anyway.

  21. No more, user Acquisition reports for Retained Installers and Buyers. This is downgraded version .Revert it

  22. It sucks but we'll get used to it

  23. The old interface is not obscure enough, so this will is even more so. One day, they will do something radical on their user interface: when a developer wishes to upload a new version, there will be a button saying something like, I don't know, maybe "UPLOAD NEW APP VERSION". You know, that kind of thing….nah too obvious. Much better to bury it in some meaningless menu somewhere.

  24. i just set loop and listening the music

  25. I followed the instructions given to on building an Apk/aab to build one, but whenever I try uploading it to the console for release, I'm told I should upload a valid apk zipped file. Meanwhile, I created it in Android Studio, please is there any further instruction or information to follow, or alternative to use to upload the APK file into App for release?

  26. takes a long time to say nothing.
    hit the key points please…

  27. "Thanks for """choosing""" Google Play".
    Was it really a choice?

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