Apple iPhone 15: ¡Android está condenado!

¡El Apple iPhone 15 viene con algunas especificaciones épicas que dejarán atrás a los teléfonos Android! #iphone15 #appleiphone15 #iphone15promax Suscríbete: Síguenos en Twitter: Síguenos en Instagram: Síguenos en Facebook: Síguenos en TikTok: Recibe las últimas noticias tecnológicas en tiempo real: ¡El Apple iPhone 15 es el próximo teléfono insignia de Apple y es increíble! Con algunos cambios de diseño nuevos y un hardware increíble, ¡el iPhone 15 seguramente será el teléfono del año! En el video de hoy, cubrimos las especificaciones, el diseño, la fecha de lanzamiento y el precio del iPhone 15 de Apple. Video conceptual de Cortesía de TT Technology: (enlace a mi video en la descripción si usa mis conceptos) Videos instructivos Cortesía de: Max Tech:

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  1. iOS is clumsy and outdated, insane hardware won't fix that problem. Except from some gamers who needs a faster phone, really.

  2. What about a stylus? Folding form factor? What do android have to fear from apple? 😂😂😂😂 It should be the other way round. Look at the Samsung Note line for years! You would thing at least in 2022 apple would have had stylus functionality on it max versions 😂😂😂

  3. Apple 15 now available in Titanium built with the price bump of only $500. Sure Android is doomed 😂

  4. Well, 15 pro max will have to wait for S24 ultra. S23 Ultra is for 14 pro max.

  5. Specs only count, if they actually work. The weak link is the operating system, which Apple just never puts enough effort into it.

  6. if there is tap
    button how about the cases? 😢

  7. If I'm not mistaken, u23 is samasungs response to iPhone 14. And it's far above it. Don't kick android out coz of rumours. When iPhone 15 and u24(probably the name then) drops, we will knw which is better.

  8. The apple dick riders are unbelievable. Click bait at it's finest.

  9. So very awesome video bro . I’ll be waiting iphone 15 pro pricing down to buy soon

  10. What a total tosser this guys is…. makes you want to ditch your iPhone….

  11. Android > iOS

  12. How come the Apple does not include the IPxxx for the IPads?They take a grand for each.

  13. Eventhough I haven't subscribed I watch your videos every day I love you.

  14. Titanium frame – ridiculous.

  15. What are they going to do once they pass 1nm chips. It will be cpu less lol, chips are getting smaller and smaller.

  16. It suupose toget a redesign. So far the stuff he mentioned are not nothing game changer and you cant even tell when using everydayin the real world.

  17. I wonder will the price increase alot or just the same like 13 and 14 pro

  18. I phon 15 (non pro) expected price?

  19. you missed the USB C part

  20. Android used to be king but now they're using designs from past years , and hardware too , which makes them not so innovative anymore

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