Apple contra Android. ¡Esto es tan estupido! (no equipado con MKBHD)

Apple contra Android. Hace tiempo que quería hacer este video. Creo que hay mucho más en esta discusión que lo que se muestra aquí en YouTube. Hay un aspecto tóxico en este ecosistema de Android vs Apple que también está causando problemas entre los niños pequeños, donde se pueden burlar de ellos por no tener un iPhone o simplemente enviar mensajes de texto con la burbuja verde en lugar de la burbuja azul. Este argumento de Android vs Apple es demasiado tonto en mi opinión, pero también me encantaría escuchar sus pensamientos. Mira mis otros videos aquí: #Apple #Android #applevsandroid 0:00 Apple vs Android – Esto tiene que parar. ¡¿Derecha?! 0:40 ¿Es el ecosistema de Apple “mejor” que el ecosistema de Android? 0:50 Vídeos de Apple vs. Android. El problema de los “influencers” 1:36 Los puntos de vista distorsionados de Apple 2:02 El ecosistema de Apple puede estar limitando tu experiencia 3:20 Apple iOS vs Android: actualizaciones de software y soporte 3:33 Apple iMessage 💙 vs 💚 Mensajes de Android: ¿hay una mejor opción? ? 3:58 Equipo 🌶️ o Equipo 🍑 Telegram y WhatsApp ¿la respuesta obvia? 4:18 Facetime 4:37 Cámara de continuidad 4:57 Airdrop vs. NearbyShare 5:50 ¿Podrían las regulaciones cambiar el uso de Airdrop? 6:09 Apple se bloquea, también conocido como el jardín amurallado de Tim Cook 6:32 Transferencia: no es tan fácil como dicen 7:17 Transferencia aleatoria 7:54 Siri vs Bixby vs Google: asistencia de voz 8:57 Apple iPhone vs cámaras Cámaras Android 9:22 Cómo Las aplicaciones de cámara de Android hacen que usarlo sea aún más divertido 9:50 Abandonar un ecosistema es difícil. Pero… Puede que te estés perdiendo algo. ⚡️ ¡Ya tengo mi tienda en Amazon! ¡Ven a ver todo el equipo que uso para crear estos videos para ti! Siempre lo actualizo 👊 ⚡️ Para apoyar el canal también puedes usar estos enlaces. Sin costo adicional para usted, pero realmente ayuda al canal para que pueda seguir haciendo estos videos para usted 👊 💻 Computadoras, tabletas y accesorios de TI de Amazon 🛒 Compre las categorías principales en Amazon 💡 Artículos de Amazon Launchpad: 🍿 Obtenga Prime Videos: 🗣Alexa! Sígueme en Twitter @AlexGTech1 e Instagram @AlexGTech Mi sitio web y cómo trabajo con las marcas 🎶 🎧 La mermelada que uso en todos mis videos es de Epidemic Sound Los enlaces de Amazon son del programa de afiliados, así que si compras cualquier artículo, obtengo un pequeño porcentaje que va a financiar más videos para ti, así que todos ganan 🙂

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  1. Brilliant video as always.

    What I love about you and your channel is that your video production is as good as the big channels, you aren't pretentious and don't profess to be the spokesperson of everyone (which the big channels do). Your outcomes are not predictable and if something is shite you call it out.

    I thought this video was really good. For me, Android OEMs don't lack Apple in terms of quality or innovation (often the opposite) but rather the marketing. Apple is a true lifestyle brand and owning a device evokes a feeling of belonging to something. That's where Google, Samsung and the like need to make gains.

    Love to see a video about the benefits of a blended ecosystem!

    Keep up the amazing work my friend.

  2. 🍆 I use WhatsApp the most

  3. So, I'm new to the Apple ecosystem and I'm probably still in the honeymoon period as I write this comment, but so far I'm still amazed by features in the ecosystem.

    I've been a Linux/Android guy for absolutely years, but work bought me an M1 Macbook Pro about four weeks ago and it has increased my productivity tenfold, everything on it just works smoothly. I was actually so impressed that I went out and bought a 12.9" M2 iPad Pro to pretty much just use as an extra screen with sidecar (after watching your other video, now wish I'd just bought the M1 but hey ho).

    I'm only just scratching the surface of iPad OS, but I think I'm gonna be moving further into the Apple ecosystem as the years go on.

    For further context, I've got a Z Fold 4 which I also love… But may now consider a folding apple phone if they release one

  4. You've gotta be one of the most natural born content creator I have seen in a long time! Everything is so clear and concise. I stumbled onto your videos whilst looking for a review on something and ended up going on a binge of all your content lol. Your channel is definitely gonna blow up soon. Thanks for the amazing content!

  5. Good afternoon Alex. Great video as always. Keep up the good work 😉👍🏽💯

  6. 🌶️ Signal installed on one Apple phone and one Samsung phone. I use a phone number and a Google Voice number as a work around. 😁
    currently -i was forced (by Apples eSIM only) to get a separate line to use my Android phones (physical sim in Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4. Samsung Galaxy Note 20. OnePlus 8). iPhone 14 Pro, 12 Mini.

    A lot of work/ hassle to do this? 😜 I enjoy both operating systems.

  7. Brilliant Job with this video 😉👍

  8. Because they are more of fanboys than objective reviewers. Both sides have those by the way. We all have our preferences. As for me, I was a long time iPhone and iPad user. Switched to the S21 Ultra last year, and that's when I decided to fully switch to android, well, Samsung specifically. Now I have the Z Fold 4 and the Tab S8 Ultra, and I love them both. Nothing against the iPhone. I just prefer Samsung devices now. Who knows? It can change in the future.

  9. Hi Alex, Jose from Puerto Rico. Yes I agree, those channels generate a ton of views and likes, and I also like them too. But at the end of the day, I end up making a decision that's best for me. Having said that, I switched back to iPhone for practical reasons (I'm all in the Apple echo system), but that Ultra Watch; man that thing looks good, and I like it. All of my friends and family have iPhones, so even though I use WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, I use the iMessage a lot, knowing that I won't have any issues. Airdrop, I use it frequently and the simplicity of it is great. So there you have it. Nice video man!

  10. Galaxy book ,galaxy tab ,galaxy phone , galaxy watch , Samsung tv , galaxy buds etc ..pixel watch pixel phone pixel Chromebook pixel tab pixel buds etc

  11. Also u have a MacBook if u have a galaxybook u can send files between the two easily

  12. It would be nice to do a video with Bose Bluetooth Headphone/ Earbuds + iPhone + Samsung or Xiaomi flagship + Windows laptop and explain people that Wifi and Bluetooth are standard and how Cloud is easy to use.

    I use both: one day i go to work and i mainly use iPhone and when i go home until i go to bed, i use my Android smartphone. The next day, i decide i prefer mainly use my Android all day and when i go home, i use my iPhone.

    No loyalty brand. I love the material which an IPhone is but i prefer Android and every feature it brings without talking about Ecosystem stuff ( Android Back Gesture, Multitasking with Split Screen, Cloned apps, easy connection with any Windows Pc whatever the brand with Microsoft Link app )

  13. I’m daily using Poco F4 and Alpine Green 13 Pro with Yoga Slim 7 14´ and Huawei Freebuds 4i.
    Ecosystem and particularly Apple Ecosystem is overated. We have to learn people how to use tech and make best value choices and smart choices.

    I don’t use any Apple app of my iPhone : i have always used Google Apps like Drive, Photos, Docs, Sheets or Maps so i don’t need Apple apps for doing the same thing. Uber, Netflix, Deezer Music, Instagram, WhatsApp both on my iPhone and my Windows Pc to take call and answer messages.

    My Freebuds 4i are instantly connected to my 13 Pro. Every pics i shot go on Google Photos and i can see it on my Lenovo Pc. All my favorite link are synchronized between my 13 Pro and my Lenovo Pc with Google account connected on both device. Every link i see are both on my 13 Pro and my Poco F4.

    Why would i need an Ecosystem ?🤔🧐🤨
    Glad MKBHD what not in this video 😅

  14. am in europe. prefer third party so 🌶️

  15. 🌶whatsapp and Telegram are the main thing here in Nigeria

  16. I was fully in the apple ecosystem. This changed when I bought the Galaxy Z Fold 4. It started the great apple sell off and I'm now android all in and sporting everything Samsung.

  17. 🍑great video Alex. Are you not doing much content on IG these days. ? Have a great day

  18. I'm an Android user but I hate this kind of OS, there's a lot of bloat ware, the camera is bad when you use it in third-party app. the games are too laggy even when I'm using flagship phone. the update of os is short, and worse of all the bloat ware cannot uninstall, two messaging app two gallery two browser two email etc.

  19. If you want to grow your YouTube channel please consider this! Don't put a thumbnail that says Android vs Ios if you focused on one side and put all the blame on it✌️ unbiased but actually bias😂✌️

  20. Every person has his own likes & dislikes. I bought Samsung note 20 ultra 5g when it's released in US. I was pretty stasified with it. Almost a year ago my son who is a cardiologist me Apple iphone 13 pro max as gift. I started using it but I kept along it with my Samsung note. Apple iphone 13 pro max is a heavy phone as compared other latest Smart phones which are even larger then Iphone pro max but lighter. Apple designer removed the finger identification which are even have their old models like iphone 6 mini, iphone 6s Plus etc. Iphone 13 pro max camera is 12 Maga pixels & 3x zoom. Samsung note 20 ultra camera is 105 Maga pixels & 100x digital zoom. I shoot lot of pictures with both phones IPhone 13 pro max pictures are far inferior then Samsung note 20 ultra. There are some people who are comparing with iphone 13 pro max to high end Digital cameras which is a naunsense. How can a phone came either iphone or Samsung is campareable with a $7000 or $ 10000 digital SLR. I miss main thing in iphone 13 pro max finger identification. It's weight. I put my Sim back to Samsung note 20 ultra & gave iphone 13 pro max to wife she is fond of iphone.

  21. You had me at “not featuring MKHBD” 😭😂🫶🏼

  22. The only advantage Apple has honestly is hardware/software integration and their CPUs in the A series and M series. Otherwise, I don’t see any advantage. And it’s not like anybody’s hardware is lacking in performance, camera quality, and features.

  23. Z fold 4 it is very expensive ? but the $900 dollar apple watch is not expensive? ok

  24. How come price isn’t the important factor when comparing this stuff. It just blows my mind how little focus is put into how Apple just abuses heavily on the “Brand” factor to gauge prices.

    To me it feels like there’s absolutely no connection between reviewers and consumers. Maybe that’s why most of us watch tech reviews without really buying most of the products! 😊

  25. I like Android, but my issue with Android phones is that you gotta get a flagship to get a good experience and even then it's not going to last for more than 3 years. I've also found that Android phones need to be restarted regularly or bugs start to creep in while using applications. Speaking of which, applications in iOS are generally more polished and more stable. Cross platform apps usually get new features first, and whenever a developer has to settle on a single OS, more often than not, it's going to be iOS. I'm still using an iPhone 7 Plus and it was only until last year that it started having hiccups. Those were fixed by swapping the battery. Then this year it's begun having software issues, but hey it's 6 years old and it JUST had its last software update.

  26. This debate is overblown. Buy what you can afford. 99% people will be fine.

  27. As always, The most unbiased opinion!

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