Aplicación de Android que se ejecuta en Windows 11

Windows 11 no venía con soporte para aplicaciones de Android, pero ahora hay una vista previa disponible. Tom Warren echa un primer vistazo a cómo funcionan las aplicaciones de Android en Windows 11. Leer más: Suscribirse: Me gusta The Verge en Facebook: Síganos en Twitter: Síganos en Instagram: The Vergecast Podcast: Decodificador con Nilay Patel: Obtenga más información sobre nuestros podcasts: Lea Más: Normas de la comunidad: Fondos de pantalla de The Verge: Suscríbase a Verge Science en YouTube, una nueva base para nuestras exploraciones en el futuro de la ciencia :.

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22 comentarios

  1. Which Android app are you installing first?

  2. Hello there, I've been asking this question for a while now on different YT channels, I really wanna know what's the reason that emulators like BlueStacks and Nox are not working on windows 11 for me, whenever I try loading up Nox it says "VT is occupied by another program" and I've been trying to find out what other program it could be but nothing is working, for BlueStacks when I try opening that up I get the blue error screen and my laptop restarts, so yea it would be much appreciated if you could explain to me whats wrong.

  3. can you please do me a favor? a test?

  4. Spin that up makes u sound like a altered carbon fan

  5. Who bought verge?

  6. Windows subsystem for android not working too slow

  7. Is it time for another go at windows phone? I’m ready.

  8. not founding this app on win 11 store

  9. that RAM usage prove that android app is so bloated and heavy compared to the apple app

  10. Will this sync apps and changes with your Android phone. For example like apples ecosystem, I know you can't run apps on Mac but something similar is this a step to creating a Windows Android ecosystem

  11. 60fps looks so criiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisp

  12. possible to sideload APKs instead of just downloading from Amazon?

  13. Genuine question: is there any GOOD app in amazon appstore?

  14. Would love to see PUBG Mobile performance on windows 11

  15. How does the file system for WSA work? Is it similar to WSL?

  16. This is kind of a bummer, I was hoping they would have used Google Play instead. Still better than nothing, I guess.

  17. can we run apks on it ???

  18. dont subscribe

  19. I waited the whole video for you to just scroll through and let us see what is in there but regardless great video

  20. Time to buy some RAM!

  21. literally none of the android apps are in the window store

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