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  1. How can I change email in purchase? Because the email that was connected to the game is not usuable. I tried anything, but the old email was still connected which I can't use for purchases.

  2. 購入したのが消えた!

  3. Me gusto mucho


  5. Диабло во всей красе )) кайфовая игра , я после вахты залипаю по полной )))

  6. Jogo incrível, melhor jogo mobile do gênero atualmente

  7. Что делать если при создании персонажа игра постоянно вылетает?

  8. Хотелось бы в анима иметь возможность менять вид камеры делать героя ближе

  9. Почему раньше игрокам в игре за платину давали 24тыс камней, а сейчас ничего не дают, не справедливо как-то

  10. I started playing raid. I got bored. Not enough community.

  11. Perdí todas mis cosas con la actualización

  12. In the new update my items on the stash are all gone😫😫😫

  13. It's good.

  14. I need some more storage space when you use 2 character or make it separately

  15. Hello, during the pandemic, I bought wings, I did not play for a while and when I returned to play I no longer had my wings, can they return them to me?

  16. I'm having an issue with tebta to sign in to my account that was previously used on an Android device linked to the Google Play games app. I wanted support to be able to access my account on my new iphone because I can't, if I need to prove it, I have photos of both the game and the pfvr app send me a link lara I can speak directly with you so you can help me enjoying the game a lot Please help me! send me an email so that i can send the photos and i can explain the law if necessary. Thanks.


    So I play on iPad (not sure what type) but when I go into kalun durs forest my game crashes it Ben like this for about a month and I really need it fixed so I can enter that area. Hope it’s fixed soon

    Edit : and I hope that you make it so its compatible with android oh and I wish you can add people

    Edit again : another bug I’m re-incarnation 2 and can’t use extra slots and my friends is glitched so he can use all slots and he didn’t even pay for the 4th and 5th

  18. Прошёл Императора,но задание ВЫКУП так и пройдена(Подскажите в чём причина?). Нуждаюсь в советнике.

  19. Leute, es gab schon sehr lange keine Updates mehr! Wo ist der Nikromant?

  20. "Сезонный персонаж" он потом удалится?

  21. Why cant i ise the extra slots on my stash i thought it was free? The 4th and 5th stash are the ones to pay, if youlike. is it a bug?
    Cause my friends acc they can use their own extra slots. 😭

  22. I killed the final boss without claiming the reward from the Hooded Man and now the quest will never get finished. LOL

  23. This game was awesome but in iphone are crashing all the time. Please fix this issue.

  24. I can't kill Arabeth ?

  25. Hey anima I would like this game even more if i can add my friends so we can play it together , and I love this game :>>

  26. Петы тебе бонус дают или на всех ?

  27. Question
    Can i login My google playgame account to iOS divice

  28. when will the new update come out?

  29. Hello anima devs. How to solve this bug? I cant play

  30. Its new or old? some and some chinese players will hope new update quickly.

  31. I LOVE IT 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  32. Any news for iOS hotfix cuz crashing randomly middle of the game

  33. I love this game i can't wait to see more coming update in the near future thank you anima team

  34. I love how this video makes it seem as if 99% of players arent just stacking int and using the god tier magic missile to one-shot screens…. melee looks so funny compared to it

  35. Ojalá funcionara así de liso el juego jajajaja

  36. Due to update it was verry hard now to get powerful item, not like un update before😔

  37. i love this game but it's so damn repetitive.

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