Android vs iPhone: ¿cuál es REALMENTE mejor? (con MKBHD)

Android vs iPhone en 2022 – ¿Quién lo hace mejor? Obviamente es un tema controvertido, ¡pero espero que lo encuentres útil! ¡Felicitaciones a @Marques Brownlee por venir casi a la medianoche después de un día ya enorme! 🙏 Suscríbete para más contenido (ES GRATIS): Sería mi día si también pudieras seguirme en: 🌈 Instagram: 🐦 Twitter: 😊 Facebook: Amazon Affiliate Link: Amazon USA: Amazon UK: My Filming Gear: Music is from Sonido epidémico:

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  1. Controversial Topic I know, what's your take? 😂
    To check out my Best Phones of 2022:

  2. Way to slam my s22 sheesh vtfu

  3. Does anyone feel that although apple took a lot of time to refine one feature in iphone, apple also kept its loyal customers away from that feature for a very long time. So I cant use usb c or split screen or spen until apple perfects it????
    Moreover, if android doesnt provide new features, apple wont even try to work on them and perfect them.
    Think about it !

  4. I have followed @mkbhd for years I’m upset YouTube has only started to introduce me to you now .
    Love you’re vids I binged last night

  5. I do not understand this comparison and the way the points were allocated to each of the phones.
    There are 100s of features which android has been doing for decades which ios started doing recently.
    At one given time, an iphone is never upto the mark with an android phone….

  6. For me everything goes to android besides how smooth it is for games

  7. i have both and there's a lot of stuff you can do with iphone. android is more for productivity. also iphone plays games and try's to manipulate users.

  8. the only thing that kept me away from apple is when they did terrible PR moves such as trying to stop 3rd party repair like making their own special screws, making software changes that makes it so only an apple store is capable to fix the device, design flaws (bendgate and snazzylab's imac) that for some reason many denied it's existence, and trust issues among their authorized service providers.

  9. Thank God we do NOT have monopoly in our smartphones. We have at least two competing with each other – and thus as customers we get good services. Whether Android or Apple, if we had only one – we would be doomed. Think about many other companies you wish they had competitors!

  10. Android = Toyota
    Apple = Mercedes

  11. I feel like this isn’t really a very fair contest considering Apple is just one brand while Android is spreader across multiple brands

  12. aple fanboy

  13. Doing the comparison now, now that Pixel 7 Pro is out, would inevitably change the scoreboard quite a bit

  14. 10+ year user of Samsung and like 2 year user Iphone…The Iphone wins 100%.

  15. Another plus for android is you can connect your android phone to any pc and access your files instantly.
    Also in this video it sucks that points for android doesn't count because "not alot of people are using the feature"

  16. As of someone living in a colder environment. Iphones have shutdown problems in freezing temperature.

  17. What do you people do to get so many "viruses" had a Samsung forever and never got virus. IPhones are ok. They are basic. Easy. If that's what you like go for it. I like having something that's actually new in a phone.

  18. nice apple ad

  19. They talked about eco friendly being a point but they changes phones on a yearly basis, meanwhile I used my iPhone 7 for 5 years before switching

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