Android Q Beta 5: ¡nuevas funciones importantes!

Android Q Beta 5 ha llegado pero es más refinado y redefinido … Registrarse ► | Lea el artículo completo ► ? ¡Obtenga un mes GRATIS de Amazon Prime! ? ?? EE. UU.: ?? Reino Unido: ¿Quieres patrocinar el próximo video de 9to5Google? Póngase en contacto: ## Síganos ?️ Uso Adobe Creative Suite ?️ Obtenga hasta un 10% de descuento AHORA: Mi equipo: Panasonic Lumix GH5 EE. UU .: Sigma 18-35 f / 1.8 EE. UU.: Rode NTG – 3 EE. UU.: ? Otros canales ? ######################### Divulgación de afiliados: ############## # ############ Nota: Algunos de los enlaces utilizados en la descripción te dirigen a Amazon. Como afiliado de Amazon, obtenemos ingresos de compras elegibles sin costo adicional para usted. .

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41 comentarios

  1. Oneplus already has a dark boot up screen!!

  2. Android.. ????
    Quesadilla …………..
    Je je je ? ???

  3. Best fix for gestures: turning off gestures

  4. watch the video on dp5 haha ?

  5. Is applock present in Android Q?

  6. Hey google, where is your screen recorder? Iphone have it long ago. Shame on you google

  7. I absolutely hate the gesture-based controls. It just makes normal navigation way more complicated. Especially if i hand my phone to non-savvy person. Where I had 3 buttons, I now have to remember 3 different gestures. holding home for google was a classic shortcut, just like double tap power for camera. We need more manufacturers to collaborate and standardise some of these useful shortcuts so everyone is on the same page. But over-engineering is the Google way apparently. If it aint broke, don't fix it. And knowing Google, they will change the gestures soon as I get used to it.

  8. Turning off app suggestions isn't new…

  9. Ffs instead of fixing the current multitasking, that was fast, they're still pushing for iOS style, that is slow(swipe and hold for a while here, swipe and hold for a while there), and keep building ridiculous stuff upon it(swipe diagonally to call Assistant? What?!). Unless current pill-style multitasking or old-school three buttons are still available, I'm not going to stick with pure Android anymore.

  10. I cant wait to get it …

  11. Android Q is faster than P?

    Me:iOS user!!?????

  12. that notch is just so ugly compared to oneplus or really any other phone notch.

  13. Whatever happened to screen recording? Any update on that?

  14. doesn't most of the features already available on samsung s10

  15. Is google out off ideas.. all these features are there before.. just changed the place for convenience.. we expect more…

  16. What next after android z ?????

  17. Simple solution to the Google assistant: A dedicated button

  18. There is nothing to impressed. Google has not solve the battery optimization even the hardware capable to do it. I been using Google pixel 2XL and Poco F1. Miui is much ecosystem. I wish Google could improve the system optimization.

  19. One ui looks much better than this although it's pie

  20. Please make a video on how to install Android q beta 5 gsi on treble devices (redmi note 6 pro)

  21. Android Q will Arrive on Huawei Nova 5 Pro ???

  22. I don’t even have an android anymore yet I still watch these

  23. Gestures are just getting worse , as a guy in a below comment said. There's too much triggers for Google assistant , they should use those semi circles to swap apps or something else.
    Google really need to take notes on OnePlus and xioami gestures.
    iOS gestures would work as well , even if i hate Apple's interface , their gestures feel smooth.

  24. Why you don't tell about guest mode in Beta 5?

  25. Changing squeeze level is already available in Android pie

  26. Android Q, just another Update my phone won't be getting

  27. I restarted my phone twice and still didn't get the dark mode boot up

  28. MONZO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One UK lad to another!

  29. Did they fix the photos issue with that was present in beta 4?

  30. All you need to do is squeeze ?

  31. Still watching this on my android KitKat device.

  32. Why could Google just copy the IOS gesture totally? That little black background with the pile is still ugly.

  33. I’m watching this and I’m still not seeing a reason to get an android device

  34. What a scam this is. They upgrade the OS with hardly any new features, so that they can sell new phones that support the latest upgraded OS. Ahahahaa??

  35. This is very delicious.

  36. I feel that the back button was way more easy to use than a swipe from the side. I mean do it yourself. Try to go back 3 times. Which is easier to do? Three swipes? Or three gentle taps on a more reachable location for your thumb? Google is simply trying to get on the gestures because everyone is overhyping it. What are you all achieving with that 5mm extra height on your screen?

  37. Anyone know how long it usually took for Xiaomi to update there betas ? Because Xiaomi still have only Beta 4 available.

  38. Wish we got the 5th beta, essential hasn't got it

  39. To really enjoy true Android, the Google pixel is where it's at. Unfortunately, great phones from Samsung won't see these updates for many months after.

  40. Fuck you Android

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