Android … ¿en Xbox?

Obtenga más información sobre CORSAIR iCUE hoy en ► ESCUCHE LAS NOTICIAS TÉCNICAS: ► OBTENGA EL MERCH: ► APOYENOS EN EL FLOATPLANE: ►LTX EXPO: FUENTES DE NOTICIAS: —————– – – ——————————– Marca de tiempo: 0:00 oh hombre. amor pastel 0:16 aplicación de android en xbox? 1:11 Apple hace cambios 2:32 Apple contrata programadores de RISC-V 3:23 Corsair iCue 3:58 BITS RÁPIDOS 4:06 Reddit prohíbe algunos subreddits 4:43 EE. UU. Adopta Apple Wallet IDs 5:14 EVGA descubre que está atascado 3090 5: 40 Pixel 3 desmoronándose 6:05 ¡Los robots no pueden inventar! AFILIADOS Y REFERIDOS ———————————————– —- ►Afiliados, patrocinadores y referencias: ►VPN Acceso privado a Internet: ►Teclados MK: ►Stream Nerd o Die Overlays: ►Tienda de juegos oficial: ►Amazon Prime: ►Prueba gratuita audible: ►Nuestro equipo en Amazon: SÍGUENOS EN OTRO LUGAR ———————————————- — – Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: SIGA NUESTROS OTROS CANALES ———————– ———– – Linus Tech Tips: Dirección Mac: Techquickie: ShortCircuit: LMG Clips: Channel Super Fun: Carpool Critics :.

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31 comentarios

  1. Should shot it at your desk linus in the background is hella annoying

  2. R2-D2 is smarter than you

  3. Who else noticed the "stop" at 3:24

  4. the cake was a lie.

  5. Nope, can't listen to 2 things at once

  6. Lol r/sino still allowed

  7. when you're trying to make a YouTube video but the next door neighbors are fighting again

  8. iCUE hoses any other RGB software you're using at the time … CUE1 legacy still works for my strafe keyboard, no thanks lol.

  9. Please speak like this in all TechLinked videos; it makes them so much less stressful.

  10. This is by far my most favourite Techlinked episode. No sets, no cake, riley whispering and linus screaming😂😂🤣🤣

  11. Wow, thanks GLaDOS

  12. 6:20 is that the reason why the Principality of Zeon dropped a Colony on Australia 😂

  13. Is Riley telling us that…. the cake was a lie???

  14. Why is Riley not yelling? I’m scared.

  15. apple doesnt want japan to reveal their dirty laundry i wish japan denied them and kept investigating them

  16. I like this minimal set-up

  17. I loove that background and lighting!

  18. Ah, bedroom-voice Riley.

  19. Why the hell do they call these Windows subsystem for Linux and Windows subsystem for Android?
    It sounds like running windows apps on other platforms but instead it's the other way around…

  20. Android has a pretty active ecosystem when it comes to watching videos from unofficial sources

  21. 3:15 RISC-V products need to come faster! (But I'm even more excited when opens-designs come)

  22. The Cake is a lie!

  23. Yeah iCue can do all that, but it’s the most buggy mess that I have ever used. Would never recommend it.

  24. This is what a hide n seek while recording looks like 🤣

  25. Android on xbox would be nice, i'd be able to play genshin and honkai on it

  26. This video has more of an open conversation vibe like a podcast or how inside gaming did the news before they all went to funhaus. I like this set up a lot more.

  27. Riley whispering and Linus shouting

  28. The little “stop” after the risk joke

  29. We already have ID, driver's license, insurance and covid passport in Poland all in one app, that is respected across EU, so Apple idea is probably not bad, but it could be just done by federal government instead of Apple. Unless corporations indeed run the USA…

  30. The talk of AI and lies about birthday cake take me back GLaDOS in Portal 🙂

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