Android 14: se lanzará

Presentamos el concepto de Android 14 ¡Dale me gusta, comenta y suscríbete + las campanas! ¡Sigue las Redes Sociales de mi AR 4789! 👇👇👇 Instagram: Twitter: DeviantArt: Todo el diseño como la interfaz de usuario, las características y otros en este concepto me pertenecen (AR 4789) este NO es un sistema operativo o software real, es solo un concepto, por lo que no hay ISO para este sistema operativo . Música: Sunset n Beachz – Ofshane

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33 comentarios

  1. Copy to ios 16

  2. Will A32 4g get you android 14?

  3. Android 14 upside down cake
    Android 15 cookie

  4. Me with the google pixel 6 👅👅👅👅👅

  5. bro will DESTROY iOS with this concept

  6. Android 13 is so cool… (Android 13 é tão legal…)

  7. powerpoint Derivejust 30 fps ,how to make like High frame rate this?😢😢

  8. Cant wait it releases bro cool like iphone 14

  9. Godbless!❤️

  10. Aren't Stacked Widgets already a thing in Android 13? Overall, I love this concept!

  11. i watching it with my own browser

  12. how do you make these

  13. the A13 monet is dull , want it to he vibrant, and want qs pannel of A13 to change , that's all

  14. he man you need to make your own os your so good at it

  15. Android Chess Cake

  16. Please make redesign Facebook!!!

  17. 69°C hell that's hot

  18. OMG , BRU THIS IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CONCEPT IVE EVER SEEN and bc of that , i forgive you for missing my spanish lesson 🙂

  19. Ye rael h ya fakr 😂

  20. Android 14 doritos

  21. 01:21 Miui the gestures are there

  22. they had lock screen customisation before ios

  23. 238th Commented 💙

  24. I think this man is in competition with Avdan. It 155K now.

  25. I have android 14 on Poco X4 Pro

  26. it looks like ios on lock screen

  27. Me using my phone on android 8:

  28. Пытался придумать концепт хуже. Не получилось.

  29. You need to send this to Google! I NEED this to be real! lol

  30. My Sumsung a12 dont supports android 13 😂

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