ALC 4.0 Scholars Onboarding Call

Oficialmente a bordo de todos los académicos de la Andela Learning Community 4.0 AKA Google Africa Certification Scholarship en colaboración con Pluralsight. .

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31 comentarios

  1. I'm really happy to be part of this community

  2. Damn , I missed too much things

  3. Nice one… i'll need to hit the ground running on this note… Much thumbs up to Google, Andela and Pluralsight.

  4. Thanks ALC, I really appreciate infact this is amazing

  5. Hi Andela, thanks for recording this.. got the mail late and the platform is very insightful and promising, thank you

  6. Thanks Andela for the opportunity

  7. Super excited about's our time..Thank you.

  8. Instructions/guide being given accompanied by screenshot video of the plural website would have been best…

  9. this is great staff, thanks for the opportunity

  10. nice to be here..

  11. This is Boitumelo from South Africa in North West province at Vryburg


  13. Its nice being here, Andela thanks for this opportunity

  14. Shoutout from Abuja, Nigeria

  15. it's great to be part of this program.

  16. this is cool, thanks to ALC with google, i hope to get certified

  17. hello due to my inability to access my mail earlier I just clicked the link to watch the video. Am I still welcome? Vianney from Ghana

  18. the link you shared to join the slack also says site not found

  19. Good day guys , i am going to watch the video for the first time today, glad to be part of this exciting program

  20. Hello Pals,
    I missed the onboarding call but watched the recorded video. I'm very grateful to ALC for this opportunity.
    I am Victor from Abuja, Nigeria.

  21. Glad to be part of this

  22. I missed the on-boarding but its cool though. Thank you Google! Thank you Andela!

  23. Glad to be part of this.From Kenya.

  24. I actually missed the on-boarding call but it pretty much cool beign part. from Lokoja, Nigeria

  25. Glad to be here, though late, have learnt a lot

  26. Good day everyone
    Got the mail little bit late. glad to be here

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