AirPods para usuarios de Android: Google Pixel Buds Pro

¡Gracias a Secret Lab por patrocinar el video de hoy! Fíjese que James es un usuario de píxeles desde hace mucho tiempo e hizo un video sobre los Pixel Buds originales para LTT, pero los nuevos auriculares Pixel Buds Pro muestran que Google se está tomando en serio el espacio TWS, o debería optar por una de las MUCHAS otras opciones disponibles ? Compre Google Pixel Buds Pro: las compras realizadas a través de ciertos enlaces de tiendas pueden proporcionar una compensación a Linus Media Group. ¿Quieres que abramos algo específico de un video? Dé una sugerencia para ► OBTENER MERCANCÍA: ► AFILIADOS, PATROCINADORES Y REFERENCIAS: ► EQUIPO DE PODCAST: ► APOYENOS POR AIRE: SIGANOS EN OTRO LUGAR ———————- – —————————- Twitter: Instagram: TikTok: Facebook: CAPÍTULOS ———— – —————————————————– 0:00 ¡Ha vuelto! 0:10 Desembalaje y para quién es 0:41 Impresiones de diseño 1:11 Impresiones de tamaño y carcasa 1:33 Instrucciones y configuración 2:27 Configuración 3:06 Prueba de auriculares y prueba de ajuste 4:00 Controladores de funciones de micrófono y auriculares de auriculares 4:33 Impresiones de sensibilidad, ANC y control táctil 5:50 Patrocinadores – SecretLab 6:19 Prueba de control táctil 7:33 Impresiones de calidad de música 8:55 Concurso Pixel Buds Pro 9:17 Impresiones de calidad de llamada 10: 30 Duración de la batería y clasificación de resistencia al agua 11:25 Otras características únicas 12:07 Recomendación 12:32 Intento de utilizar una conexión multipunto 14:26 Conclusión

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  1. Google has released a few updates (they're now on V2.14) that address some of the issues and concerns we had, so hopefully you'll experience everything a bit smoother/better than we did!

  2. the multi point will work if you pause the music from your phone then call via your laptop… it worked on mine also you need to turn on contact sharing in your earbuds or it won't either.

  3. What application do you have on your phone for your home screen? That is right top center

  4. I didn’t know Lord Sauron makes headphone reviews!

  5. I got these a few days ago for $150 – they arrive tomorrow and I'm so excited!!!

  6. I really fancy getting a pair either them or the galaxy buds I have a pair of of brand buds but they have served me well but I do want a new pair won't spend a lot though no more than a 100 pounds .

  7. i'm hard of herring have no herring in one hear and i'm looking for a good ear buds my hearing aid is not that good for music and i would a good one that i can hear music with as i love music and i still have good hearing in my one so wish i could find help find some

  8. These for £150 or Sony wf1000xm4 £190?

  9. Just got mine and it wanted an update right away. I love them. I will say they probably aren't so great for people with hearing loss greater than mine. I have minor hearing loss in one ear and moderate in the other. I find myself running the volume at about 80 or 82 percent which is fine. But if you really wanted to get kids with them these may not be the ones. Call quality is incredible. Active noise cancelling is phenomenal also. I have a Pixel 6 phone and it works flawlessly so far. I'm very impressed.

  10. hell yea Crack the Skye 🤘

  11. As of V3.14, equalizer has been added. Updated as soon as I connected to them from a Pixel 6 Pro.

  12. One thing to note for multipointe that it does not work with discord calls on PC. Apparently they're on different voice channels. I'm not sure, but yeah that was pretty disappointing.

  13. Detail about Pixel 6's max volume : It is much higher that what the UI seems to say. If it appears like 90% for any normal phone, it's probably 70% for a Pixel 6 🫡

  14. I want to see Linus review these

  15. You are correct James about multipoint feature. It does exists. It is berried deep inside the Bluetooth settings. For some reason google decided to disable the feature out of the box. You have to find the setting and enable it. It does work flawless afterwards.

  16. Multi point works perfectly on my laptop. Just pause on one device and play on the other. It's seamless and instant. Works really well 🙂

  17. LDAC is opensource right?

  18. I am going to sell my sony wf 1000xm4 because these will go perfectly with my pixel 6.

  19. This is advertising people, obviously, google is buying these youtubers for what they worth.
    They have to fallow a script, made my professionals to make you buy the product.

  20. WHAAAAATTTT????!!!!!!!! JAMES GOT KIDS????!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. They are the size of a mentos

  22. The most important thing about earbuds is not the sound or noise canceling. It’s comfort! If they aren’t comfortable, sound doesn’t matter.

  23. My guy with the mastodon 🤘

  24. Meanwhile I use $20 wired JBL earbuds at the gym cuz I keep losing wireless ones

  25. Thanks, you set off my Google Assistant.

  26. Common guys! You have to provide a audio sample of the microphone when making calls/recordings… Not what other "thinks" it sounds like.

  27. Does pixel buds pro has better sound quality than samsung galaxy buds 2 Pro and sennheiser momentum 3? Which is a better choice for watching movies and listening to music out of this 3 ?

  28. i wish they still did this for wired version i like wireless it has saved my phone many times

  29. It’s def competing with air pods prob cuz on Amazon you can get them for 179 which is lower than these

  30. You guys did a great detailed review but missed out on the most important part, the mic. It should've been recorded how you sound from these buds.

  31. I'm dreaming of a Windows x iPhone multipoint with the Airpods Pro. If that features comes to work on the Pixel Buds Pro that's a huge competitive advantage for them!

  32. Can we get a buds 2 pro next? I kinda want to buy them but need to know if they good 🙂

  33. The clap loop stopped way early! Please upload an one hour version

  34. You tested the product before updating it? O.o

  35. that tesla 3 money

  36. I am looking for the best noise cancelation ear bud. Which one you recommend for real world?

  37. Multi Point is great for work and play! I am connected to the work laptop and my personal cell phone at the same time. I listen to music, podcasts, etc… on my cell phone, then pause for a Teams meeting on the work laptop. I use both a Technics EAH AZ60 and Bose NC700 for multi point depending on the setting. I ould not recommend the AZ60, they are fine, but with a cheap parts bin case. The Bose NC700 are great when they work.

  38. So its airpods but worse

  39. I know these are higher end buds however, it would have been nice for a comparison between them and the Pixel Buds2 and Buds As

  40. what happen lately with the thumbnail? like it's done with 15 years old who just started editing pictures.

  41. I have the pixel buds pro and let me tell you….I don't care what the reviewers say.. the ANC is the best I've ever used. I have the Bose QC and have owned the Sony's XM3s and the xm4s. Transparency mode is the best on my galaxy buds plus but man, the pixel buds are unreal if you like strong ANC. I was shocked.

  42. do they boost the bass as you turn the volume down or do they boost the bass at lower volumes?

  43. when we google products stop being buggy and stuttery and bad at networking and syncing with each other

  44. I was hoping you would record the audio for mic test.

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