¿AetherSX2 está muerto? ¡El desarrollo se detiene en la mejor EMU de PS2 para Android!

Es un día triste para la emulación en Android, parece que AetherSX2 no recibirá más actualizaciones, el desarrollador Tahlreth dejó de desarrollar AetherSX2 debido a las constantes imitaciones, quejas, solicitudes y ahora ¡amenazas muertas! Todavía puede descargar/usar la aplicación y seguirá funcionando, pero no se enviarán actualizaciones. Sígueme en Twitter: Sígueme en Instagram: 25 % Código de software: ETA Windows 10 Pro OEM Key ($15): Windows 10 Home Key ($14): Windows 11 Pro Key ($22): Office 2019 pro key ($49): Uso del equipo: Dispositivo de captura de pantalla Elgato HD60 X: Juego de herramientas: Estación de soldadura: Cámara: Trípode: Raspberry Pi 4: Estuche Flirc: DESCARGO DE RESPONSABILIDAD: Este video y la descripción contienen enlaces de afiliados, lo que significa que si hace clic en uno de los enlaces de productos, ¡Recibiré una pequeña comisión sin costo adicional para ti! Según la sección 107 de la Ley de derechos de autor de 1976, se permite el “uso justo” para fines tales como críticas, comentarios, informes, enseñanza, becas, educación e investigación. No se incluyen ni agregan juegos. Este video, canal y video son para espectadores de 14 años o más. Este video no está destinado a espectadores menores de 14 años. ¿Quieres enviarme algo? ETAPRIME 12520 Capital Blvd Ste 401 Número 108 Wake Forest, NC 27587 EE. UU. ¡ESTE VIDEO ES SOLO PARA FINES EDUCATIVOS! #android #aethersx2 #etaprime

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36 comentarios

  1. I sadly read about that a while ago as well, demanding people.

  2. Unreal… How stupid can some people be, eff this world…

  3. I’m old (mid 50s) and there is no way a threat from some mouth breather would impact me in any way. I’ve learned that the people who act like this are just terrible people. The dev of AetherSX2 should not have let others get to him…and yes, I have dealt with this type of harassment in the past…you just ignore it. Part of the problem is the dev is not good when dealing with people. The dev should just develop the software and only have a small, hand-picked group of people to report bugs. No other communication is needed to build the software.

  4. People need to remember that this is a community-driven work. No console brand will ever involve in this kind of development, so they need to actively support the developers. Remember, nothing is free, hence why FOSS developers mostly rely on donations to make ends meet.

  5. Damon is most useless app

  6. Aethersx2 best ps2 emulator he should focus on making more emulators

  7. its not the community its their competition, especially Damon emulator, they most likely pay other people to spam hate comments towards him, death threats and etc. Cause realistically a ps2 fanboy or even a regular user will be grateful to the creator of AetherSX2

  8. I heard that while there's no more development planned, what's already created will stay available, but I made sure my copy is completely up to date anyway.

  9. Aethersx2 is pretty much perfect. As for the developer I wish him nothing but success and I hop he is doing well

  10. Here's hoping a FOSS alternative shows up so no single person has to deal with "community" support

  11. I have him on discord, it's sad to see this happen to him. He's a beast. Let's hope he comes back with a patreon or something. I'd join it in a heartbeat.

  12. There are always ungrateful pr**ks out there with demands of any and all emulation developers. The threats are just from spineless keyboard commandos in their pajamas eating cheetos. Ignore the fools and just have fun with the development. 99.9 percent of us are appreciative of your work.

  13. Could only say thank you for the devs. Karma comes around to those that took it for granted.

  14. That is a damn shame people had to spoil the fun the developer was having for making freeware people actually enjoyed.

  15. You shouldn't rely on non-free software.

  16. Author is a pussy. The internet is meant for shittalking. Saying someone "should die" on the internet is not a "death threat"; you can't post "death threats" on the internet.

  17. If one has lived, experienced and reflected long enough, one must know that people use others leeching without even thanking. The state of open source it's either backed by "social responsibility" campaigns within companies or extremely passionate people. To share it's a matter of virtue, in a world where no one cares…

  18. Here's my question could the code for the emulator be passed on?

  19. "My budget phone from 2018 doesnt run gt4 at full speed, and that's YOUR fault"

  20. Nothing was lost here: AetherSX2 was simply PCSX2, a free and opensource emulator, tied with closed-source code to work on Android.
    It used an opensource codebase to make a complete emulation solution, so it should have keep it open, or simply don't mess around with compromised solutions that take from an massive opensource effort like PCSX2 and don't give back.

    Taking an opensource emulator and closing it is not going to be well received by the original authors or informed users, so that's why AetherSX2 got so much criticism. Expected and healthy criticism, that is.

    AetherSX2 is dead! Long live PCSX2!

  21. Aetherps2 android is best 🇵🇭

  22. The fact that most of these complaining idiots were Indians make me laugh

  23. Good Lord. Some people don't have any self-respect or respect for others. What kind of right do you have to complain about something you're getting for absolutely nothing ! This is (well, was) a freeware project with someone likely only working on it in their spare time, not a piece of commercial software which you paid for. It's sad to see great projects like this abandoned because of some ungrateful and complaining asshats.
    I HAVE too experienced complaints and bully over (often otherwise paid) services I provide at no cost and I know what it feels like…
    One thing is true however. If you are going to drop the project (due to personal or other reasons), just open source the thing and let others take over. This is a non-commercial app anyways and likely largely based on open source software. There would be no value lost in opening the source. It would be real shame for such a wonderful piece of code to just be thrown in the trash.

  24. I bet that most hate comes from assholes that want it open source to steal and monetize his work.

  25. This sucks guys.. This guy brought and made possible so much happiness to me and my son's showing them some cool games

  26. Just to note for ppl. Aether sx2 is not open sorce so nobody can continue it, a fork wont come.

  27. Don't really know how death threats would make you shut down, especially when eeryone gets them. They're a (sadly) normal part of the internet. I'm assuming a project like this gets very few as well, so it's even more confusing why they'd quit over this. I'm erring on the side of suspicion, something isn't right here. Could it just be an easy excuse to quit?

  28. Someone will pickup this emulator and keep on developing a fork of it. Is usually like this, people got mad because of the use of PCSX2 code, but he was not doing it for profit or any other gain so it's really not fair.

  29. I wonder how many of these threats were coming from other devs that are there for profit……

  30. Thank you Tahlreth 🙏🏼

  31. My little brother was being salty about aethersx2, he even wants everything he wanted, making aethersx2 all in one emu, make cheat exclusive for him, and everything… 💀

  32. Does Aethersx2 wory on 128 bit celular phones?

  33. why didnt he just ignore the messages… isnt a given when you make anything, you cant please eveyone? makes no sense to me

  34. İt really good now . No need update i think . But its very sad no new update or new abilities on the emu

  35. The story behind the cancellation is a constant remainder of why a nuclear war is necessary.

  36. Is horrible it really is

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