¡Actualización de Flow Desktop para Android!

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25 comentarios

  1. Amazing work! Congrats! Let's hope, but I don't think so. They bet on AI and internally develop FusiaOS, that's probably the reason for Android lacking anything significant changes in recent years. But yea, they need to start listening.
    The future is amazing. It's definitely by that road – one single device. That's why Intel will fail miserably as they started to fail against AMD and will continue. ARM will be the new leader and AMD in the second place (for robust desktops and servers/enterprise and data centers).

  2. this will be apps like sentio desktop or for android q ? if this apps will be work on tablet? cause im using tablet

  3. Fantastic work and such potential. Well done

  4. donwload? link?:?/

  5. Will this play nice with DeX?

  6. Hello,
    When can we expect to buy your app on the playstore?


  7. Any upate in android q beta 5

  8. Want to try it… Please 🙂

  9. Is the mouse middle button working ?

  10. Have you added the option to select audio output yourself or it was on android Q ?

  11. Do you have an Idea about how much power will be necessaire to run this? I'm abaout to buy a Pixel 3A and fully run this would be awesome.

  12. 2019 and yet 480p …

  13. Amazing progress! I'm looking forward to how this shakes out with Q desktop.

  14. i am actually working on an app that doesn't hide the navigationbar it completely changes it which gets around the hide navigationbar issue you mentioned


  15. Great idea and initiative! Just one quick question: does this desktop works using Chromecast or does it require a USB C HDMI enabled interface? Thanks and keep up with this great work!

  16. Nice work dude! I can easily see myself using this much more than a Windows 10 device. Hoping Google fixes the bugs with the final Q release. And yeah that Power Rangers music is lit!

  17. Please add Pixel C compatibility

  18. We really need Google to pay attention. Is there a bug tracker we can upvote?

  19. Your App Drawer + Title Bar icons look completely sick

  20. What kind of cable is needed ? Usb c to DVI ?, usb c to hdmi with hdmi/DVI convertor will be ok ? I want to be ready to test the app on day one ?

  21. You are doing amazing work!

  22. So you're saying your launcher could benefit from OEM privileges. What about us rooted users?

  23. hhhhh i wish Pixels supported HDMI out, this looks so nice

  24. Do you use dp/sp or px for element sizes in layouts? Or those are broken on Q?

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