Activos vectoriales: conferencias de Android

Nick Butcher, del equipo de relaciones con desarrolladores de Google, explica la importancia de los activos vectoriales y cómo pueden hacer que sus aplicaciones sean mejores y más pequeñas. Obtenga más información sobre los formatos vectoriales de Android, sus capacidades, cómo crearlos y cómo usarlos en sus aplicaciones. Ver diapositivas → Charlas de conferencias sobre listas de reproducción de Android → Suscribirse a desarrolladores de Android → #Android #AndroidDev #Featured.

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  1. This is probably the best video in this channel. Great stuff, thanks.

  2. How do I reduce precision or detail to make the vector path shorter and get rid of the lint warning?

  3. I have a simple question
    how do you add text in a vector asset ?

  4. when will path be clickable out of the box?

  5. I get crash on devices with android 5,6,7 when using vector

  6. Can we have code lab for Shape Shifter?

  7. This is awesome!

  8. I loved the video, but SVG supports min SDK 21 and companies still want Android applications with min SDK 14 or below SDK 21.
    Isn't it a good time to say goodbye to Android4?

  9. Do you have the code for the visible/invisible animation in 20:46 ?

  10. Greate video but we kinda need it 3 or 4 years ago. I think you guys can add more examples of vector assets to your codelab.

  11. @crafty. ?️ Thanks for sharing. Nice overview. ?
    Please also provide your best practice tips for people running Linux and working with Inkscape instead of Sketch

  12. Not supporting shadows is the main reason why we are still stuck with PNG. For devs it's too time consuming to play with gradients to replicate shadows

  13. Android is a nightmare to work with when you try to use vector graphics

  14. THese videos are so useful im excited to be a part of this wonderful community

  15. SVG with <text> tag is a nightmare.

  16. Why not allow a designer to just use a tool, or maybe a website, to convert from SVG to XML, then the Designer can just check that the SVG he designed looks the same on VD

  17. Already using svg! This scaled down the size of my app enormously. ftw! The only downside is trying to vectorize highly detailed images, like parts of a map, resulting in very large files. In those cases webp works fine

  18. Love ya work! One thing though, "they are textual so they compress excellently": From this day forth, the first pixel in the first column shall take on the colour or the sky at sunset on the westernmost point of the empire looking towards the edge of existence. The second, and by no means the lesser of the two, pixels in the first column shall…etc. etc.

  19. Thanks for the details describe.

  20. Why not anyone just come up and tell us how we gonna group our resource files? Using vectors of course is a brilliant choice for users but for developers its gonna make damn amount of files in drawable folder.

  21. Illustrator user here. ?

  22. Use useful video. This video should be published with the release of Android API 21.

  23. Please make some tutorial on make vector from scratch and adding animation.

  24. Vectors has win the Battle! ?

  25. I have a really serious problem with vector asset when I try to use one for the marker in Google map Android SDK

  26. Great information

  27. This all sounds nice and dandy, UNLESS you use an animation on a recycleview viewholder, animated to scale it up. During that time the framework takes a sceenshot of the whole view, and instead of scaling the individual views, it just scales the screenshot. So your previously vector assets are rasterized and looks like trash with 150% scaling.

  28. What about designers who use Adobe XD ?
    And why doesn't Android Studio have the appropriate tools to optimize stuff? A bit too much to ask from a designer…
    At the very least, have a benchmark tool to tell us which VectorDrawables do perform badly.

  29. I use it in my app called Beta Maniac to morph some icons. But I learnt more about shape shifter with this vid. Thanks

  30. this video had to be published 5 years ago)

  31. Ability to be colored is a great advantage of vectors as well, you should have mentioned it in the beginning. I've used vectors on a basic level. Can't imagine material design without them, so I'm really glad to see an extended overview from Google guys.
    By the way, I love the new format: traditional 3 minutes videos were giving basically nothing but the idea. This video explains clearly that there are different ways to draw the same shape, and how the alternatives can be used to make completely different shapes morphable to each other; it was told importance of optimization and tooling for this – overviews are evolving, it's great.
    Keep doing things better!

  32. love the details and this is great

  33. Definitely will use VectorDrawableCompact now ?

  34. SVG animation in Android is a no go. If you are going to spend so much time and use such a bad tooling, you better learn to use Adobe Fx and use Lotty

  35. Vector assets FTW ?

  36. Is there any way available to get click listener of path of vector drawable?

  37. Uhm i have a problem
    I wanted to doanwlad an app form GOOGLE PLAY STORE and the screen goes black and it looks like it keeps moving me to another app over and over and if i go out of GOOGLE PLAY it stops
    Pls Help

  38. Android 10 sucks! After update from 9 I have lost more than half of contacts! I couldnt call my friend and I have lost friendship with him! THANK YOU SO MUCH! 🙂

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